Have you always been anxious to see if this is really safe while using the Graph game site?

Through this article, you will know how to verify which sites are safe.

Then, through how to verify the hash below and the notes when searching the site, etc.

We will tell you 5 ways to find a safe graph game site.

1. Hash Verification

From the bottom line, the site that is not hash-verified is the site that is not hash-verified.

This is a graph game made of hash, but it can’t be verified? Do I need to see more?

What is hash?

A hash function (for short, just a hash)is a one-way function that maps arbitrary data of any length to data of a fixed length. Easy to say, no matter how large a number is put, it is a function that comes out of a number of a certain size. For example, when a number is divided by 10, the function that obtains the rest is also a hash function.[1](Source Namewiki)

Because it consists of a complex algorithm, it is physically impossible to manipulate the hash.

So there are many cases where there is no hash verification on unsafe hash game sites or graph game sites.

It’s also the first thing you need to sign up for the site and check it out.

If you do not have a hash test box or it is difficult to find, please get rid of it immediately.

Graph Game-Result Value Screen
history on the left side of the screen is the graph result of the last time.

You can view the hash value of the circuit you want to verify

For example, copy the hash to the right of the graph game result value (18.66) at the top of the image above

Click Hash verification in the menu!

Graph Game-Hash Value Lookup
Paste it into the search box at the top of the picture and the hash verification result will be displayed.

This is the best app I’ve ever had, but I can’t wait to see if I have any problems with it.

2. Notes when searching the site

I use Google or UTV to find a safe graph game site.

We will tell you about the notes you need to know when searching the site.

If the graph site koreagametv.com is active in normal operation, of course, it is also a funnel

It will be normally exposed.

For example, on a search portal site like YouTube, Google, or Naver

If you are exposed to the top when searching for graph games or graph site recommendations

You can say that it is safer because it is antiseptic that a large number of people have used it.

However, when you watch YouTube… Even if you use Google Search…

The important thing is to look at whether there are parts that have been used as a one-time for exposure.

Of course, there may be companies that run personal websites or leave sales to professional promotional sites

The important point here is that you are exposed to the top of the site with search keywords, but you should avoid promotional posts that are sprayed like leaflets for top exposure.

For example, I searched for a graph site recommendation or a graph safety site.

The title is a graph site recommendation, but the content in it is completely different, such as women’s clothing or toys

There are actually a lot of cases that are filled.

One-time paper posts on YouTube or search sites

The site is very likely to be a one-off.

We must not forget that the site is safe and normally operated, and the subscription path is also transparent.

3. Additional payment requirements

There are frequent requests for additional payments from the site.

Usually, the process of signing up and playing graph games after charging is the same as on any site.

However, sometimes problems arise when you make a profit or try to transfer some amount

It’s a little old, but it’s a shame that there are still a lot of people who have seen this damage

Cancel the currency exchange for no reason
You must pay a fee for currency exchange
An additional deposit of 20-30% of the deposit amount is required to make a normal transfer.
Due to system problems, you will need to make an additional deposit as a deposit as much as the deposit amount, which will all be transferred.
The same case in the stomach looks absurd, but

If you have actually deposited your money, you may make the same mistake as above in order to get it back a little bit.

4. Excessive point payments and Sanctions

1.Excessive bonus payments
There are usually companies that pay bonuses outside the common sense line, and you need to look at this part a little bit.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem to attract additional members or to pay bonuses in the form of special events.

In some cases, excessive bonuses can be issued that make the site impossible to operate

Sometimes 20% of first sign-up, 20% of first sign-up, 20% of first sign-up, 30% of first sign-up, 20% of first sign-up, 30% of first sign-up, 30% of first sign-up, etc.

The payment can be seen as a major problem in the operation of the site.

2.Unlimited payment of money
It is a game money that is paid on the site so that you can play the graph game.

It’s a way to encourage you to sign up for the site by paying a certain point.,

Like restaurants that are good at business do not offer free food tickets or discount coupons

On sites that are normally well-run, free point payments such as money are not good.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a problem to pay for a single event.

The more difficult the site is to inflow members, the more money-paid promotional posts can be opened

Please also note this.

In common with sites that are often called eatouts, they pay too high dividends or bonus points

Please note that there is.

3.Unreasonable Sanctions
When you use the site, you can use a variety of betting techniques due to the nature of the graph game.

There is usually a policy of operating the site in the notice, but for this reason, the game is unfavorable for the use of

There are cases where it is applied.

Martin / Routine betting (- >Learn how to bet Bustabit graph game)
Low Dividend Betting
Use various scripts (- >How to use scripts shortcut)
I can use a variety of betting techniques such as the above due to the nature of the graph game

Sometimes, unreasonable sanctions are imposed on users, such as prohibiting excessive martingale or specific script use

If you need to be careful.

5. Make sure there is a green / red game

Graph Game site Green / Red Game

What is Green / Red Game?

Low dividend is a game where you bet in red and high dividend over 2 multiples is green.

I love this game and I love it so much I love it so much I love it so much I love it so much I love it so much I love it so much I love it so much I love it so much

This is a way to earn profits by betting on low dividends.

Of course, you can use the graph game in parallel to maximize your revenue.

It’s like holding a short position when you fall because you have a bad position in a stock or Bitcoin.

If you feel like Red keeps coming out if I bet.,

The graph game site can also be placed in red, can you get more stable revenue?

In addition, we have completed the hash verification, but due to new bugs and hacks, we have been able to get a new one.

Even if it is possible to operate crudely, if the graph game and the green / red game can coexist, you can bet on the Red zone to save revenue

The graph game is a return rate game(–>Learn the return rate), so the more users, the more the site will converge on the yield

This is the best app I’ve ever had, but I can’t wait to see if I can get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance

The hash verification method, YouTube, and Google exposure verification also apply to betting sites such as sports and baccarat.

Because Green / Red games are only on graph sites

If you have a safe graph game site, you can think of it as a safe graph game site.

5 Ways to Find a Safe Graph game Site