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Baccarat teaching
Baccarat Dragon and Tiger originated in Cambodia in Southeast Asia. It is a new game extended from Baccarat, also known as Dragon and Tiger Fighting and Dragon and Tiger Baccarat. Dragon Tiger Fight has jumped into one of the top ten popular games in recent years. The reason is that the rules of the game are simple and the rhythm is fast. The difference from ordinary baccarat games is that only one card is required to determine whether to win or lose. If you master the secret of making money in baccarat, it is a cinch to win money, so it is very suitable for people who are just getting started to learn baccarat teaching.

Baccarat teaching Baccarat Dragon and Tiger Three strategies and two skills-Baccarat games
Baccarat teaching Baccarat Dragon and Tiger Three strategies and two skills-Baccarat games
Baccarat Dragon and Tiger Fighting Game rules
As mentioned earlier, dragon and tiger fighting is a gameplay derived from Baccarat. Therefore, the rules of the game are similar to ordinary baccarat but simpler. It’s just to replace “Zhuang and Leisure” with “dragon and Tiger”. It also uses 8 decks of playing cards for the game, but the dealer will only deal one card each, based on the size of the card, regardless of the suit, only the number of points, and there is no replenishment mechanism. A is the smallest and K is the largest. The 15-second opening method adds more excitement to the game.In addition, Dragon Tiger Fighting has more options when betting. Players can choose to bet on “dragon”, “Tiger”, “Draw”, “Singular”, “Double”, “red”, and “black”.

Introduction to Baccarat Dragon and Tiger Fight
Basic teaching of Baccarat game Dragon and Tiger Fighting

Three strategies for Dragon and Tiger Fighting
There are hundreds of ways to play dragon and tiger fighting, so how do you bet to make it easier to win?Is it possible to apply general baccarat card road skills to dragon and tiger fighting games?The answer is yes. Dragon Tiger Fighting also has the same road list as Baccarat. By looking at the road, you can predict the winning rate of the road.

First, look at the road method

In the dragon and tiger fighting game, it will be divided into different road lists such as chessboard road, main road, and lower three road. Among these card roads, the most commonly used is the main road.The road list of the road records the opening result of each game. The blue circle represents the dragon winning; the red circle represents the tiger winning; and the draw draws a green slash on the previous game record circle.Veteran players usually analyze these road methods to catch the laws of single jump, double jump, and long dragon. The most common way is to use the road to catch the long dragon. As long as you catch the long dragon once, you can get a considerable profit.

What do you think of Baccarat card road?

  1. Statistical road strategy

Longhu Dou seeing the road is accumulated from experience. When we go to a physical casino to play Baccarat Longhu Dou, the casino will provide players with a piece of road paper. The purpose is to allow players to record the results of the opening of the card to facilitate the observation of the future direction of the card. This is the most traditional and easiest way, also known as “writing the road.”In the case of online dragon and tiger fighting, the system will automatically help you record the card path of each game. Players can record the hand in a way that they are familiar with. Finding their own suitable rules and recording methods is the statistical card path strategy of Baccarat Dragon and Tiger fighting.

Third, the method of assigning betting codes

The road-watching method and statistical road strategy mentioned above are full of variables. It is necessary to rely on the accumulation of experience to gain something. If you accidentally mess with yourself, the follow-up game will be over.The method of allocating betting codes is a strategy formulated for their own funds, so that players don’t have to worry even if they make mistakes. The following describes the two betting techniques of dragon and tiger fighting.

Flat betting method: Also known as the “Martin cable betting method”, it refers to betting with the same amount in each game. If the opponent loses, the bet will be increased, and the bet will be based on the original bet code until the next victory.

Inverse flat betting method: As the name suggests, it is the opposite technique of the flat betting method. The flat betting method is to return to the original bet after winning, so it is easy to miss the opportunity to make a profit. Therefore, the inverse betting method is to continuously increase the bet when you win, until you lose and then return to the first bet to start again.

Baccarat Dragon and Tiger Two skills
In addition to the three strategies mentioned above, it is not enough to rely on card skills and luck alone. If you want to make money in Dragon Tiger Baccarat, you must master the most important point: “Mind method”.

  1. Stabilize your mentality

Players who usually lose to bankruptcy have a common problem, that is, they will mess up when they encounter a mistake, and their hearts are vulnerable to failure and panic. This will not only mess up all the analysis state, but also push themselves into the abyss because they want to win back the lost money.Therefore, when we encounter setbacks, we should first stabilize our mentality, and then re-formulate our strategies after calming down.

  1. Instant stop loss

Luck in playing casino games also accounts for a large part. Before we enter the gambling game, we should allocate the principal and set a stop loss point for winning or losing. For example, if we enter today with 5,000 principal, then we can expect to let ourselves win 10,000 and stop, or if we lose 5,000 principal, we will stop.Don’t be greedy when you win, and don’t chase high when you lose. Instant stop loss is the long-term solution to playing Baccarat Dragon and tiger fight.

Three strategies and two skills of Baccarat Dragon and Tiger