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A meeting place for football fans, where you can talk about happiness, suffering, nonsense, common things, about everything they want to talk about.

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Analysis of statistics
To analyze sports events, use statistics. Study statistics and increase the chances of winning.

If you have chosen football matches for betting, consider the following information:

  • The history of personal meetings.
  • The results of the last matches.
  • The position of the teams in the tournament.
  • The number of rest days since the last match.
  • The results of the opponents at home and away.
  • The history of the confrontation of the head coaches of the teams.
  • Results of matches with higher teams.
  • Results of matches with lower-ranking teams.
  • Disqualifications and injuries of players.
  • The results of the teams under the refereeing of the appointed referee.
  • The main mistake of players when choosing a bet on a football match is using only part of the statistics and ignoring important facts. To analyze football matches, study all available statistics.

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