The program of Megasena Quina Duplasena and Lotomania
Spolti Technologies has developed programs for those who need professional tools for creating and studying lottery games. As our software it is possible to elaborate combinations, closures, unfoldings, filtering, combination and printing of the steering wheels of the bets.

What makes SPLOTO different ?
SPLOTO Profissional spolti.com.br is a software for designing games and printing flyers for Megasena, Quina, Dupla Sena and Lotomania lotteries.

All possible combinations can be generated with a group of chosen numbers. SPLOTO professional has no software limits. Everything will depend on the memory made available by Windows and storage capacity of your computer. Before combining the numbers the bettor can fix his favorite dozens making them appear in all combinations.

SPLOTO Profissional also has the ability to combine and filter simultaneously, making a significant saving of computer memory, since the cards saved are only those that pass through the filters, both generic and custom.

It has random bet generation.

SPLOTO professional has 12 generic filters for each of the lotteries. Generic filters can be parameterized, such as eliminating all cards with more than 2 numbers in sequence. The use of these filters is extremely simple and all are passed simultaneously saving even more the time of the bettor.

There are also the custom filters that can be created by the bettor as per their preference. They are stored in the program in the form of a list and can be activated and deactivated with a simple click of the mouse. In the custom filters the bettor can, for example, filter all the cards in which appear the 13 and the 26 together, or the 01, 08 and 57. They are extremely flexible and easy to use.

Statistics for megasena, quina duplasena and lotomania.

Graphs with the highest frequency numbers, highest frequency deuces, highest frequency suits, highest frequency quads, highest frequency corners, highest frequency senas.

Number-crunching gaffes

Graphs of malleable filters

Closures and deployments
The professional SPLOTO has the capacity to close for Megasena, Duplasena and Quina. In addition it has the generic closures where you can generate cards with 13 and close to 8 or configure the way you want. Learn more in the closures section .

Updates via Internet
SPLOTO professional has a database with all the results of the lotteries of the box. This database can be updated via the Internet. The update is simple and fast and the process is fully automatic. With this data the user will be able to draw reports of numbers drawn with apportionment values, use them at the conference, generate graphs,etc…

Conference results
There is an option for card conferencing only. With this feature the user will know in detail the number of hits in addition to the discrimination of the awarded cards.There is also the Advanced conference that allows a retroactive analysis of all previous contests.

Flywheel printing
It is now possible to configure the colors of the clipping lines and whether they should appear or not, which eliminates the problem of some machines mistaking the clipping lines for markings on the steering wheel.

Direct export to the Box site
SPLoto generates the listing of its games to be sent directly to the Caixa online lotteries website. Thus dispensing with printing. The amount of bets submitted is limited only by the maximum that the cashier accepts on the site. To use recusro install our free tool Lottoloca Plus, which you can find in the downloads area .

Lottery balls
SP-LOTO prints receipts with all the conditions used to make the bolção and the guaranteed hits..