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How to play Blackjack Black Jack introduction
Blackjack is also known as Black Jack. The player’s ultimate goal is to get the card point closest to blackjack but cannot exceed it. Compared with the size of the dealer, the closest to blackjack is the winner.
How to play roulette
Roulette (Roulette) is a common betting game in casinos. Roulette generally has 37 or 38 numbers. Zhuanghe is responsible for throwing beads on the rotating roulette wheel. In the end, the corresponding number in which the beads fall is the winning number.
Niuniu Game
Niuniu Gameplay (Niuniu Game) is a popular card game popular in Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.Niuniu is a word-of-mouth saying for Taiwanese players. Niuniu’s rhythm is compact and exciting. The biggest feature of Niuniu’s gameplay is that the “card type rules” are simple and easy to understand.
Fried golden flower game
The fried golden flower game is divided into two areas: red and black. The fried golden flower is based on leopard/Shunjin/Jinhua/Shunzi/pair, special card type area, a total of 3 areas.After the betting is over, both red and black cards are displayed. After the display is over, the size is compared according to the rules of the card type. If the player bets, he will get the reward of the magnification, and if he does not bet, he will lose the amount.
Sic Bo game
The game of Sic Bo, also known as gambling, is a game that has been passed down in ancient China. Sic Bo uses a sealed dice cup. Each player selects the chips to place a bet, and guesses the number of points or the sum of points drawn by the dice after mechanical shaking.

Casinos ensure the safety of players.