How To Play And Experience Playing Ginseng Cyclone Online

Samloconline is the popular card game today, a lot of gamblers choose when playing money online. With the unique difference in how to play, how to calculate points compared to other card games that ginseng whirlwind more and more people love. However, the detailed rules on how to calculate points as well as the experience of playing this card game not everyone knows. If you also have the above concerns, SODO66 will help you fully answer in the following article.


About The Game Ginseng Whirlwind
Ginseng cyclone is a popular card game belonging to the popular, most popular today. In fact, ginseng cyclone has quite the same gameplay as moving south. However, many gamblers still choose this game. Because, the gameplay of ginseng cyclone is greatly simplified. Besides, this card game a few very special rules, creating the stimulation and attractiveness of the bet.

What is the concept of online ginseng?

What is the concept of Samloconline

Samloconline is quite popular game at the online game portal today. The card Game uses 52 Western cards and has almost the same gameplay as moving south. However, the form of playing this card game has many special ways, more refreshing should be loved by a large number of players.

Origins of ginseng whirlwind Game formation

For anyone who is passionate about card games, it is impossible to ignore ginseng whirlwind. This is the same popular game as forward so the history of formation is the same.

Until now, no one knows when this game will appear. This game originated in China in the early twentieth century. This game introduced into the north of our country first and often appeared at festivals, village of that time. Then because of the simplicity, understandability that developed widely nationwide.

In the process of spreading, depending on each domain, there will be a small change in the way of hitting to match the context. However, in terms of its basic roots, it retains its inherent character.

Whirlwind ginseng uses a 52-card deck to hit. The number of participants in each game is at least 2 people and the highest is 5 people. Each person is randomly dealt 10 cards. In the first game, the player is dealt to the smallest value card that will be preceded. The next batter will continue to round the clock, until the person who runs out of the previous post will win.

Nowadays, to make it more convenient for players, the online form of ginseng cyclone was born and is quite popular. Players who only need to register an account can play comfortably anywhere, anytime without gathering together as in the old days.

Terms in Samloconline

Any game has a few specific terms that characterize that game. In addition, understanding the terms will help players to facilitate their experience much more. So what are the terms in ginseng whirlwind?

  • Eat white: in a whirlwind Ginseng Board, players are counted as eating white when you a 10-card card hall, or possess four quarter pigs, or you have a set of 10 cards that are not homogeneous but homogeneous, or players who have 3 or 5 pairs.
  • Please village: also known as the robbery. That is, after the deal is completed, if you find in your cards a set that you feel no opponent can block your cards to the most, then you can ask the village.

If you apply for the village, you will be entitled to the first strike. But if you ask the village to fail, that is, someone else can block your post, then you have to Temple the village. Therefore, players need to be very careful, only steal cai when you have firmly grasp the victory.
Order the troops in Samloconline

In terms of the Order Of Cards, the Ginseng cyclone card is similar to the one advancing to the South. However, there are still fundamental differences as follows:

● Odd cards, also known as garbage cards: these will be cards that are not arranged in pairs or in any set. The order from low to high will begin to be calculated from leaf 3 to leaf 2. In it, the 3rd card will be the smallest and the 2nd card will be the largest in the deck.

●Double: meaning there are two cards that will come together. The order of occurrence will come from the lowest pair of 3 and the highest pair will be double 2.

●Sam: this is a combination of 3 cards of the same number together equally in value, the Order Of Cards is the same.

●Four quarters: this is a combination of 4 Western cards with the same number. In order, the most quartet is 3 and the 2nd quartet is the largest.

●Lobby: this will be the order of the next cards in order from small to large. The length of the hall is unlimited, this hall is calculated until the end of the post.

How To Calculate Points In The Game Ginseng Whirlwind
Samloconline has a rather complicated way of calculating points. So, if you are a new player you need to know the details of how to calculate. Specifically as follows:

  • Regular winning hand: the player’s score will be calculated by the sum of the remaining cards. Simultaneously multiply by the previous bet of the game plus a 2 card and a quarter card.
  • Players eat white: when winning, players will be calculated by 20 cards multiplied by the initial bet. Plus a second card and a quarter card.
  • About the village please: when the player begs for the village successfully, the player will eat of the rest of the people 20 cards each and multiply the original bet amount.
  • On the village topic: players will pay by multiplying using 20 cards multiplied by the initial bet in each game.
  • Card freeze: will be scored by 15 cards multiplied by the original bet plus a card 2 and a quarter card.

– In case if the four quarters chopped cards 2, each quartet so tight is counted as 15 cards.

– In the case of four quarters chopping quarters, the chopped person will calculate the score of 10 leaves.

– When the player is rotated card 2, he will be deducted 5 cards/card.

  • Fasten the stack of Cards: the number of counts will be multiplied by 15 cards for a fasten card.

Some Questions About Whirlwind Ginseng Online
Ginseng is a card game is familiar but online form of play via the internet still have many questions from the players.


Currently, ginseng whirlwind card games are too popular on the internet platform, replacing the traditional form of play. To play cards online there are two ways, play right on the House web or download the app to your phone. You should spend a few minutes downloading your phone to play anytime anywhere!

The steps to download this game are easy as follows:

Step 1: search the SODO66 bookmaker website, visit and drag down select the download item. More simply, you can go to the Play Store or App Store type the name of the dealer and select Download machine.

Step 2: after downloading, be sure to fill in the account registration information, recharge is already able to experience online whirlwind ginseng eating extremely terrible money.

Ginseng Cyclone Online – Rules Of Play