via bank wire. They have a focus on the Asian market but do not mention any jurisdictions which they do not service.


Pros of AsianConnect:

  • AsianConnect is legally compliant.
  • They are strict about securing user funds.
  • My favorite part about AsianConnect is that they have 24/7 support which you can contact by phone or Skype (they usually reply within 2 minutes). In today’s day and age, phone support is a big deal. Of course, they have email too.
  • Access to odds from a lot of different platforms. They also have developed their own platform called “AsianOdds” that allows you to take advantage of the best odds from multiple websites from just one account!

Cons of AsianConnect:

  • The main downside to AsianConnect is that their support can be a bit inflexible. They often speak to customers as if it is from a script, not human-like. A more approachable support desk would be nice!

2. Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is a popular option for Bitcoin sports betting since 2014. Bitcoin is the only currency accepted here, and they offer all of the major sports options such as soccer, basketball, American football, as well as esports. They also do not note any banned locations for betting on their site.


Pros of Nitrogen Sports:

3 Best crypto sports betting sites - and why they are popularizing Bitcoin is the
  • You can start betting immediately as they will create an account for you right away!
  • Accounts are anonymous.
  • Payouts are quick and you can create an account without providing any personal information.

Cons of Nitrogen Sports:

  • The website isn’t the most user-friendly around.
  • Since an account will be automatically created for you, you’ll need to immediately add a username and password to your newly created account. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in to this account again and you’ll have to generate a new account. So, add a username and password before you deposit some Bitcoin into their platform.
  • It’s impossible to recover your account if you lose your credentials. So make sure to take good note of your username and password, and to create a backup – a copy – of these credentials somewhere safe.

3. SportsBet

Last, but not least, is SportsBet. SportsBet also accepts Bitcoin only. Unlike Nitrogen Sports, which seems to be legal in most all jurisdictions, SportsBet does not allow US, Australian, UK, or Estonian citizens.


Pros of SportsBet:

  • Much better than Nitrogen from a legal standpoint.
  • They want to know their client base, which only helps the user experience.
  • They also offer water polo and esports betting, for the fans out there.

Cons of SportsBet:

  • No anonymous accounts allowed.

Why Do Online Gamblers Love Cryptocurrencies?

As a result of tiresome hours and draining nights in front of their respective machines, blockchain and cryptocurrency developers have blessed gambling enthusiasts with amazing benefits.

1. Accessibility

Being one of the toughest regulatory industries, gamblers have frequently experienced the passing of laws impacting the accessibility of gambling facilities on a global scale, whether physical or digital.

With Bitcoin, many users have been able to surpass local gambling laws due to weak know-your-customer (KYC Resourse:

The Crypto Idea Maze | AMA with Jon Choi | TruStory (2018)

In this video, Preethi Kasireddy and Jon Choi discuss his article, “Enter the Crypto Idea Maze,” which is a great explanation of the different narratives of crypto.

  • Astra Rai: This is an awesome discussion. I finally finished reading his John's article, "Enter the Crypto Idea Maze"; this video serves as a fitting follow-up. In his closing statement, he mentions the mitigation of global inequality in reference to the "why" of his commitment to and being heavily involved in the community which is the same reason I find many spects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem promising.
  • TheBlackClockOfTime: 34:40 as if from the mouth of Steve Bannon, cool!
3 Best crypto sports betting sites – and why they are popularizing
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