Gov. Cuomo delivered some great news to New Jersey casinos on Monday, saying he doesn’t want New York to allow sports betting on mobile devices.

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<p>Garden State casinos and racetracks have hauled in $1.9 billion in sports bets since June, when they became legal — 80 percent of which were made on smartphones or online.</p>
<p>But Cuomo said the actual tax revenue that flowed into Jersey’s government coffers was minimal.</p>
<p>“Sports betting, first of all, does not make you that much money,” he said on Albany’s WAMC radio. “They raised something like $13 million — $13 million is a rounding error in our state [budget]. I am not a fan . . . [of when] you can bet anytime from your cellphone.” </p>
<p>But critics noted that New Yorkers are crossing the border to place wagers and that the Empire State is a much bigger market than New Jersey. </p>
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“New Jersey is doing very well with sports betting and the mobile component,” said state Sen. Joe Addabbo (D-Queens), chair of the Senate Committee on Racing, Wagering and Gaming. “We need the revenue. There’s $9 billion in illegal sports betting a year in New York. It’s there for the taking.”

FanDuel, one of the largest legal bookies, told The Post that 25 percent of its mobile and online bets are made by New Yorkers, up from 10 percent just a few months ago.

Cuomo insists a constitutional amendment is required to authorize wagering on mobile devices in New York.


Andrew cuomo says he’s not for mobile sports betting
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