Hey Krezz2017, Hi Vuglusk

thanks for your words. Yes, you are right betting and sports is a really promising field. Let me explain to you what makes BX.BET special and why we are sure that our project will succeed:

The highlights of BX:

a) Betting Exchange Functionality
We are implementing the full functionality of a betting exchange with all its advantages, meaning full transparency on the order book, the opportunity for every user to place buy and sell orders, with your own odds.

b) Liquidity Concept
With our Market Owner concept, we are introducing a solution for the liquidity problems in P2P betting markets. The risk with peer-to-peer betting markets is that due to low interest and low betting volume in certain events, no betting offers are available and no one is willing to continually provide liquidity. In the BX Ecosystem, everyone can become a Market Owner and thus act as a traditional bookmaker and create their own markets and directly participate in the success of the market. This concept will keep even small markets alive by incentivizing the Market Owner to provide liquidity at all times.

c) Social Betting
We are creating the possibility to create private markets without any fees so that a whole new betting experience arises. It allows users to host and organize bet markets among friends, colleagues and other closed groups. In addition to its high customer benefit, this feature opens up a substantial cross-selling potential. The combination of an exchange and the private betting function will attract a multitude of users to the BX platform, and convert them into active bettors.

d) Multiple Market focus
We are not focussing solely on sports but also on Prediction and Finance Markets. In addition, to complement the gambling experience, we will also introduce lotto and casino games, so that the ecosystem provides the full gambling experience.

If you read our whitepaper, you will find out that there are a lot more points, which set us apart from our potential competitors.


We are a team with tremendous experience in the betting industry. We worked for the most significant player in the industry, created several other betting brands and successfully established them on the market. Now ready to bring betting on the next stage. We know exactly how the gambling industry works and what it needs, not to just create a successful and easy-to-use user experience, but also to establish BX on the market as a fully-fledged alternative to the existing, traditional, non-blockchain based solutions by giving our users the possibility to experience a whole new level of betting with unique features and the vision to give the whole betting experience back in the hand of the players by providing a fair, transparent and extensive betting experience.

If you have further questions, I invite you to join our telegram group and write us directly 🙂

Resourse: https://bitcointalk.org/

Bx.bet - the decentralized betting exchange not to just create
Bx.bet – the decentralized betting exchange
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