• ‘Australia was clearly established as a global leader, providing both virtual gaming and internet betting on sports and races.’
  • ‘The machines work and look like slot machines but allow fans to use handicapping skills in betting on races at a variety of tracks about every three minutes.’
  • ‘Those people who had lost all their money betting on horses and also had a disposition to think, felt it was a better to solve the problem by pure thought, and looked down on those who owned the horses or bet on them.’
  • ‘Your free bet will be your first bet on the game after the start of the second half.’
  • ‘Prosecutors said he also ran an illegal gambling operation that bet on professional baseball games.’
  • ‘Chances are you can find an Internet bookmaker who will accept your bet on the outcome.’
  • ‘Now we have installment two, I did bet on baseball, but I didn’t bet against the team I was managing.’
  • ‘Under Michigan rules, jockeys may bet on races they ride as long as their wagers are placed through the owner or trainer of their mounts.’
  • ‘Perhaps there are not enough players betting on the dog races to create a pool large enough to pay off the winners.’
  • ‘Spread betting involves betting on the outcome of a financial or sporting event based on a ‘spread’ quoted by the bookmaker.’
  • ‘Bettors deposit money in advance with the OTB and then call when they want to bet on a horse race.’
  • ‘Bookmakers call a halt to betting on races at Cheltenham.’
  • ‘The Racing Act was amended to provide for cross-species wagering – betting on greyhound races at horse tracks and vice versa.’
  • ‘Under the betting ordinance, Hong Kong punters can bet on overseas races, but they must be part of a local racing programme.’
  • ‘The polls as I write make it a mug’s game to bet on the outcome of the presidential election.’
  • ‘Last year, there was a strong push to ban betting on college games in our Nevada sports books.’
  • ‘The problem is that it is a lot easier and faster to log on to a gambling web site or do off-site betting on track races than to go to an amusement park.’
  • ‘Since betting on cricket is now passe, there should be fresh avenues to explore.’
  • ‘Users can enjoy free online gambling, betting on important games and events, but the money you win or lose are virtual, to remind you there is a difference between the real world and the web.’
  • ‘The losing trialist also scored a hefty reward, from betting on himself to win his heat and se mi-final as well as from the money he was allowed to bet on the race winner at long odds.’
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