The midterm elections are barely over, but UK bookmakers are already setting their sights on the 2020 US presidential election with projections for a showdown between President Trump and Kamala Harris.

Coral, one of the top British bookmakers, made the Democratic senator from California its early favorite, putting the odds of her winning the Democratic Party nomination at 5-1.

Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who was narrowly defeated by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz for the US Senate seat in Texas during Tuesday’s midterm elections, followed close behind at 6-1 odds.

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<p>Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren also fetched 6-1 odds.</p>
<p>Former Vice President Joe Biden was rated at 8-1, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won a third term on Tuesday, was placed at 10-1 odds. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg stood at 16-1.</p>
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<p>UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and House Speaker Paul Ryan were placed at 20-1 odds.</p>
<p>TV legend Oprah Winfrey was placed at 20-1 odds and former first lady Michelle Obama at 33-1.</p>
<p>Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was a 50-1 longshot — same as Hillary Clinton.</p>
<p>Trump was the favorite for the 2020 nomination of the Republican Party at 2-7 odds and Vice President Mike Pence at 8-1.</p>
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Bookies prop up beto o’rourke, kamala harris as 2020 favorites
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