Betting on golf is entirely different than betting on NFL football or most other major sports. The sport is unique in that no event is the same. Those that aren’t into golf see it as simple as “get the ball into the hole”, but the number of variables that golfers must consider when attacking each hole is massive. We offer you a few golf betting tips that should help you make smarter wagers.

Betting Tip #1Knowledge is Power

Golf betting tip number 1 is a simple case of studying the golfers and courses that will give you a better chance of cashing a ticket. Understanding each golfer’s game and what type of terrain they excel at will go a long way in pointing you in the right direction regarding betting odds. Historically, many golfers will perform better at specific courses and under certain weather conditions.

Betting Tip #2Current Form

Golf betting tip number 2 says that form doesn’t matter as much for the big guns of the game. Take into consideration how the lesser-known golfers are playing recently when looking at future performance. If you can identify a top golfer before he makes it the leap to superstar, then you will likely have some winnings in your pocket as a golf bettor.

Betting Tip #3Looking at the Golf Course

Golf betting tip number 3 says that the golf course is of paramount importance to the betting line. The difficulty of the course may be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others. Ask yourself several questions when looking at the course:

Golf betting - golf betting strategies & best betting sites point, the golfers
  • Are sand traps a significant factor on the course?
  • How high is the Par compared to other courses?

You will need to combine the golf course research with the next point, the golfers and their skill.

Betting Tip #4Get to Know the Players

Golf betting tip number 4 reminds that individual study of the players is vital to making smart bets. Everyone knows the strengths and weaknesses of the popular golfers, like Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Dustin Johnson. However, it’s the up-and-coming golfers where you make the extra money when betting on golf. offers player profiles of the game’s best. Be sure to do your research on the golfers playing in the tournaments if you want to pick the best.

Combining the Information for Smarter Golf Bets

It is important to not only look at how well a golfer plays, but how well they play on specific golf courses. This combination will certainly give you the smartest golf bet possible.

Betting Tip #5Wind and Weather

Golf betting tip number 5 says that the weather conditions will have a significant impact on golfers. Wind is especially important, as if winds get high enough, it can completely alter the trajectory of the ball. Wet grass may also be a factor. General temperatures also play a part. Like baseball, golf balls do go farther in hotter weather compared to colder weather.

Important Golf Matches Over The Years

Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson Betting Preview – Odds, Picks & Prop Bets

The much-awaited golf matchup between two legends is finally getting near. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will duke it out for $10 Million on Friday, Nov. 23 in Las Vegas at Shadow Creek Golf Club. A price has now been set for the PPV event, which can be streamed on Bleacher Report Live for a cost of $19.99.

For fans of golf, high-stakes matchups between greats and those who gamble on golf – there is also some good news surrounding future events. According to Golf Digest, Mickelson and Woods plan to create more matchups like their November heads-up battle that will feature the game’s top-ranked players. The plan is for them to possibly occur twice a year, once around the Fourth of July and another around Thanksgiving.


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Golf betting – golf betting strategies & best betting sites
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