Most of you are probably much more familiar with betting on NFL games. Fortunately, the betting process for college football is exactly the same. There’s more to it than just a larger selection of games, a lot more actually.

Looser Lines

Yes, this is true. Think about how popular the NFL is. Only 13-15 games per week, Everyone knows every team. The news about each player’s injuries or troubles is accessible to anyone who wants to know. Type in a player’s name on a popular social media platform and all the information is right there. Oddsmakers are very aware and sharp when it comes to predicting outcomes in the NFL.

But what about in college when Savannah State is playing Bethune-Cookman? Or how about when the Towson Tigers take on Elon University? There simply is not enough information out there to come up with as complete and dependable projections.

Larger Lines

This is a fun one. Who doesn’t love seeing a powerhouse team like Alabama or Oklahoma as a 41-point favorite? This happens week in and week out on the college football betting board. This is because of something that is much more common in college football than in the NFL- large talent gaps.

More Really Good Teams and Really Bad Teams in College

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Players get to the NFL by standing out in college and continually outworking the people around them. The point being, NFL players are all professionals that get paid big bucks to perform at a high level. Of course, some players in the NFL are better than others, but the gap between them is much smaller than the great college players and the……… not so good ones.

College football betting sites 2019 - where to bet on ncaa football The news about each player

In college football, there are 128 Division-I teams alone. Throw in another 169 Division-II programs. You get the point. The kids getting recruited to play football at Florida State and University of Texas are dedicated and aspiring football players. They want to play at the next level. The majority of the members on the football teams at Yale University and Tennessee Tech are much less likely to go on and pursue a career in the NFL.

This means that we will see matchups that look like this. One team is ranked 2nd in the country and had 9 players drafted into the NFL last year. Their opponent maybe hasn’t won a game in two seasons and hasn’t had a player drafted into the NFL since 1976. Therefore, we see college teams favored by forty points regularly. It is extremely rare to see a line in the NFL get above 15 or 16 points.

How to Find the Best Betting Site for You?

This is the fun part because it will be personal to you. We can certainly recommend the best sites in terms of overall quality, safety, and ease of use, as we have in the list at the top. But you might be someone who is only interested in which site has the largest first-time deposit bonus. Or maybe you want the site that has three ways to withdraw your money instead of just one. Find out what is important to you and meets your specific needs and demands.

Compare Different Sites

When we are buying a car, we don’t typically buy the first one we see. We like to look at options and compare not only prices but the pros and cons of each car. Which has better gas mileage, which car is more spacious, is one newer than the other, is one faster? These are all valid questions we want to ask and have answered before choosing the car.

Why should betting on college football games online be any different? There are so many sites out there, look at all your options first. See if some are easier to use than others or if certain sites offer better promotions than others. If finding the perfect fit for you is important, then do not skip this step.


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College football betting sites 2019 – where to bet on ncaa football
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