You want to bet at the best possible odds you can get, right? So why would you gamble somewhere that regularly offers poor odds and lines? And why would you choose to bet somewhere that offers no bonuses and rewards, when there plenty of sites that give away lots of extra value?

Best sports betting sites - real money online sportsbooks in 2019 rewards are particularly

Why would you bet somewhere that offers limited coverage of different sports and events, when there are places that cover virtually every sport imaginable? Why use a site that is notoriously slow at cashouts, when there are sites that pay out as quickly as they possibly can?

These rhetorical questions hopefully highlight just why you should make sure that you choose a good sports betting site. It’s not even something that’s particularly difficult to do. The easiest option is to simply follow our recommendations, but it’s not going to take you hours upon hours even if you want to make your own decision.

How to Choose The Right Site

The fact that there are so many sports betting sites on the web is a good thing for the most part. With so much competition between sites, they all have to work hard to attract and retain customers. This helps to improve the overall standard. The high level of competition is also the main reason why online gambling sites are so generous with bonuses and rewards, which are of real benefit to bettors.

The biggest drawback to their being such a large number of sites, though, is that it can make things a bit confusing for people when they are trying to choose which ones to use. This confusion can lead to people just signing up at the first place they come across, as they don’t know what else to do, and we’ve already explained why that’s not the best approach.

We’ve also explained that an easy way to choose a site is to pick one from our list of top recommendations. The options on this page are all top quality, and we also have you covered if you have any precise requirements or particular preferences. For example, if you’re planning to bet mostly from your smartphone then it makes sense to pick from our list of the best mobile betting sites. If bonuses and rewards are particularly important to you, then it makes sense to sign up somewhere that is generous in this regard.

We recognize that you might not feel completely comfortable just taking our word for which sites are best though, and that you may prefer to choose a site by yourself. Here are some quick tips to follow if that’s what you want to do.


Best sports betting sites – real money online sportsbooks in 2019
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