• Chat with everyone here
  • Turf 8 wins
  • Turf wtg
  • Turf winners
  • Kalina What a s**te am races
  • Turf 1 here
  • Turf luis is due
  • Kalina Between the Aussie no video s**te and the rip this am
  • Happy Toes ty turf
  • Kalina Thanks turf last dime need a dimer race
  • DerbyBot Kevin C. won $235.00 with Dangerousdewmcgrew (#5) on Mon, 25 Feb 2019!
  • Deadheat Hello
  • Kalina Hi heat
  • Turf the heat is on
  • Turf yeah
  • Turf hello brother
  • Deadheat Well I woke up and I'm now on the street so it's all good
  • DerbyBot Jenny A. won $410.00 with Team Halo (#4) on Wed, 28 May 2014!
  • Kalina No
  • Kalina Did you get divorced already
  • Deadheat _ yes turf I will still marry you Fu K Lana LOL
  • Turf lol
  • Kalina Hi all good luck tday
  • BababaBetty Hi Y'all, who do you like at Mah?
  • Deadheat Two hands are better than one
  • DerbyBot Jenny A. won $410.00 with Team Halo (#4) on Wed, 28 May 2014!
  • Kalina He is the best choice may you have a long happy marriage🤣
  • Kalina Mah?? Collaberation
  • Deadheat Carolina your flower girl
  • Kalina What I don’t get to throw the 🍚
  • Deadheat Throw anything you want just not at me
  • Kalina Haha
  • Thomas K. Here we go again.
  • Kalina Helps me get through the day you have to laugh if your in my 🛶
  • Kalina Hi Thomas any thoughts for a good dime race?
  • Deadheat Carolina I need a free Spin:-)
  • Thomas K. Just gusting
  • Kalina I need a free win spin
  • Kalina Who is ,Caroline?
  • Thomas K. Kalina don't know if I told U but your Birthday rocks
  • DerbyBot Latoshia F. won $4,193.90 with Bergerac (#5) on Mon, 11 Jan 2016!
  • Kalina Why Election Day or same as yours
  • Thomas K. same
  • Kalina Ok Mate
  • Kalina Mah big win wth
  • Kalina Over 3000
  • Thomas K. make my day
  • Kalina Parx help me out
  • Turf like 927 boc
  • Turf parx
  • DerbyBot Letitia A. won $391.05 with Postino's Champion (#7) on Tue, 12 Dec 2017!
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