Cricket betting is illegal but it is most popular game in India. People here are a big fan of the game and really adore the players. It is also amongst one of the highly wagered sports in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Many players get involved in placing an online bet on cricket . The strategic game of cricket might not be easy to play but betting on it is simple and straightforward. You can start with learning the basics of online cricket betting. Firstly, the player has to understand the different formats of the game including games like test cricket, IPL, CLT20, ODIs, and others. Knowing the rules are vital to performing better at cricket betting. Betting is much dependent on players of the game, the format of the game, pitch, and weather conditions helping them to come up with more favourable outcomes. Cricket betting offers a massive opportunity to make money. Start making money with cricket betting in India.

Why Betting on Cricket is One of the Best Online Betting Games?

The glamour of cricket formats like IPL is undeniable for sure. People are very much into the games and especially to their outcomes. Betting on such sports means people are likely to bet big amount on the game and will lay significant money. Within just two teams, you can go for online bet cricket on one team and have a higher probability of winning the game. Most of the population of India knows everything about cricket and hence, betting seems a good option here. It is fun plus you can win money! Betting on cricket is as common as betting on other sports like football or a horse race. More and more people want to get associated with its exciting opportunities because it’s an easy way to win a lot of money.

Is It Legal to do Cricket Betting in India?

Cricket is a very popular game in many countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, England etc. However, not all offer legalized way to do betting on cricket. Especially, cricket betting in India is a gray area. There’s no specific law against playing online betting on cricket which also varies by region. No worries! Online cricket betting is thus a good way that makes you sit anywhere in comfort and lets you play the fun game. That’s amazing, right? Thus, it can be played legally with trustable sites offering betting options. The important thing is to use virtual money instead of real money. It is vital to have the knowledge regarding the cricket game, the knack of betting and of course, your luck also matters at the end of the day.

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Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds highlight the possibility of an event to happen in a cricket match. They might not be comprehensive but offer many insights on how much money you are going to win. If you are new to the online betting cricket world, it is important to understand the various types of betting odds associated with it.


Starting with the most basic level, it is where you have to predict the outcome of an event. People landing to correct prediction will win the money. Every event consists of certain outcomes. You can consider it as a rolling dice which has 1 to 6 numbers on it. Here, if a person bet on an event, there a 16.67% chance of the winning. Similarly, betting odds in cricket works. They offer us the information regarding what will be the probability of an event to occur in favour of the player.


One of the most common betting types is fractional and the easiest one to understand betting odds. There are two columns separated by ‘/’. The entity in the left one defines what amount you will receive for the amount put in the right column. For instance, odds representing 4/1 suggests that one would get 4 units of amount/money for every 1 unit you bet.


Another odd type is decimal which can be found majorly on many betting sites. This is a common format is easy to consider where calculations look like winnings = (odds * stake) – stake.

These may sound confusing at first but going to be beneficial for a long-term for betting online cricket. Having this knowledge will keep things easy and transparent for you when betting on online cricket.

Benefits of Using Online Betting

Millions of people around the world place their bets on online cricket and on other online betting games every day. Some do it for valid reasons while others know the perks and fun of playing online and earn money easily. If you are doubtful about whether to play online betting cricket or not, following are some significant advantages associated with it which can help you make a decision.


Going to places that offer cricket betting can be difficult for inexperienced bettors. Therefore, online cricket betting offers a simple process. Right from opening an account and inserting relevant details to depositing money and use the funds to bet.


It just takes a few minutes to get started with the betting sites. Online cricket betting allows one to play from anywhere at any time. No need to go leave the house or be on phone for the betting.


The legalised sites for betting have a license and need to follow certain rules. They are regulated and keep your banking details safe with them.

Better Odds Online

When betting online, you have the advantage of a little better odds. Your potential returns increase with better odds. This way, online cricket betting offers a huge impact on the outcomes.

Online Perks

Sites for online cricket betting offer amazing perks to attract and keep customers with best gaming experience with things like:

Cricket betting, online betting on cricket- stockmarketfair might not be easy to
  • Bonus on sign up
  • Rewards on activities
  • Cashback on losses
  • Prize draws
  • Better odds on selected events


Cricket betting, online betting on cricket- stockmarketfair
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