They have tipsters who they give inside tips and advice

Tipsters do exist and some are really doing a great job but it is difficult to locate any secret connection between a tipster and betting syndicates. Some tipsters claim to have connections with professional betting syndicates but they’re lying. In fact, the tipsters want to take advantage of the ignorance and blind faith of the bettors on tipsters. They want to make quick money by selling tips.

How do soccer betting syndicates work and how are they related to tipsters? syndicates          but they

Tipsters have nothing to do with bookmakers. Their business relation is with bettors and their job is to predict result of matches. It is true that a tipster needs inside information for making tips but the information is needed on teams and players and not on bets. Making tips is a game of probabilities and not of chance. Tipsters consider past record of teams and present performance of players to make tips.

Do match fixing

This is something that sounds ridiculous. It isn’t that matches aren’t fixed but the fixing is done at a higher level where the entire team management is involved. It can’t be managed and controlled at betting level. Also the information match fixing can’t be shared with tipsters. Why will a bookmaker pass on information about a fixed match to a tipster and why should bettors rely on the information?

Cheating with court-siding

Before you make an opinion on the practice of court-siding in soccer matches, you should know what it is. Court-siding is a practice used in sports preferably cricket and tennis where score card keeps moving. But it isn’t a big deal in soccer matches and if a soccer betting syndicate is sourcing information from court-siding, he isn’t breaking any law. On the contrary, it’s a way to source latest information on soccer match.


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How do soccer betting syndicates work and how are they related to tipsters?
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