We have a team of individuals who carefully sift through online betting sites. Due to the plethora of “online sportsbooks” out there nowadays, it is extremely important to do some homework before you blindly go signing up and depositing money.

Our criteria for how we rank sites is extremely extensive. We leave no stones unturned, as we meticulously consider the most significant factors that determine whether or not a site is a viable option.

Betting Major League Baseball games offers you a multitude of choices and different ways to bet on the games. Whether you are specifically tackling World Series future’s bets or just want to bet on the Dodgers when Kershaw is pitching- you want to be doing it on the most premier sites.

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the main influences we consider when ranking sites.


How dependable are the site’s banking options? How reliable is the software that the site operates on? How trustworthy are the customer service team representatives?

These are the main questions we continually ask ourselves as we go through the painstaking process of examining online betting sites. Major League Baseball is an intense sport with a regular season that spans nearly six months. There are numerous ways to bet on a matchup and each team plays 162 games- and that’s before the postseason!

You can get an idea of how limitless the possibilities are when it comes to trying to make some money on a baseball game. Our team of MLB betting experts also takes a hard look at each site we list to make sure it has a wide range of baseball betting opportunities.

Selection of Bets

Not everyone simply wants to bet on which team is going to win a game. Betting on the run totals and specific prop bets attached to each game peaks the interest of many bettors. While some sites are more basic in terms of the bets they offer, the ones we recommended are more expansive.

Scour the bets that are made available each and every day during the baseball season to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Even when the season isn’t going on, you will want to keep your eye on the future’s odds. They will fluctuate when news breaks out such trades and injuries that occur in the offseason.

Having a large selection of MLB bets was certainly an area we paid close attention when making our final decisions in which sites we wanted to endorse to our readers.

Ease of Use
Baseball betting sites 2019 - guide for how to bet on mlb games How trustworthy are the customer

Another major element we factor into our process for ranking sites is how easy or difficult is the site to use. We target the sites that don’t take a lot of time getting used to.

Placing a wager on an MLB game shouldn’t be a hassle- it should be able to be done quickly and easily. Odds can change at any moment. When you find the value you want, you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity because of the site isn’t organized properly.

Activities such as depositing money and withdrawing your earnings also needs to be straightforward. If we are going to recommend a site to our readers, it must look professional and it must be able to be navigated efficiently.

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Baseball betting sites 2019 – guide for how to bet on mlb games
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