Modern times call for modern measures: the era of the internet has changed the way many things function, including gambling. The world wide web has been the ground on which the seeds of many eSports betting sites have been planted, especially in Asia. The levels of eSports betting USA notices is not low as well. Explained simply, it is an online betting system where users bet on online video game matches, instead of real ones where real money is used to make the bet. Since you are here, reading this, we “bet” that you are a gaming fan, and that you already have some knowledge on the topic. However, knowing about gaming is not the same as knowing about eSport gaming. In fact, in 2018 there are so many eSports online gambling platforms out there that it is rather hard to make the right choice about where to put your money, without gambling them away.

That is where we come in. We offer a place where gaming enthusiasts can gather and place their bets on the numerous international matches available at different betting markets. From eSports beginners to betting professionals – everyone benefits from our services, as we offer the most in-depth sportsbook reviews of various eSports betting sites available on the web, which ensures a more secure and informed choice on where the players should bet their money.

What to Expect from Our Online Betting Review Site

With such a vast array of choices, we understand that eSports bettors have a hard time finding the right place to gamble with their real money on online tournaments. Therefore, we decided to help both newcomers and experienced gamers and bettors to make a correct choice, by reviewing the best eSport sites available worldwide and comparing them based on several criteria. As a result, we came up with a comprehensive list of eSports sites, which we regularly update, where users can enjoy safe and prosperous online betting.

When it comes to evaluating the betting sites, we consider a number of criteria.

eSports Betting Sites Security

The first thing to consider is how safe the eSports betting sites are. We assess this by carefully examining the eSports licenses these sites have, those who issued these licenses to them, their auditors, the trustworthiness of the services they offer, as well as the reviews by existing members who regularly place their bets on the sites, otherwise known as social proof.

Special Promotions and Bonuses From USA eSports Betting Sites in 2019

Each eSports site will offer different odds and different prices. Therefore it is important to follow the market (which is dynamic, just like any other market) and find the best prices for the gaming matches that are of interest to our users.

The best online betting sites should match several criteria, including the special promotions and bonuses they offer, and the VIP rewards for the regular members. The psychical, traditional betting world has all kinds of VIP programs and offerings, so it is only natural that its eSports online counterpart should include them in its operating as well. There are three promotional components that an online gambling site can offer: free bets, cashback programs for VIP members and deposit bonuses.

The Kind of eSports Bets Available

All eSports betting sites offer different kinds of games and bets available. In other words, we review and evaluate not just the quality but also the quantity of the bets that each site offers. There are a few forms that a bet on esports may take such as match or in-play betting. Match betting, just like the name suggests, is a bet on the outcome of the game, while in-play betting is gambling during the game, which consists of placing bets on the events that happen within the game. When it comes to the quantity, on the other hand, different sites cover various events at different rates – making some develop more rapidly than others.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Of course, the way you deposit and transfer the money is one of the primary concerns when it comes to online gambling. eSports betting is actually very similar to the traditional betting, as usually bettors can deposit money using almost all widely accepted financial instruments. For players who decide to place an online bet esport sites offer several options.

Generally speaking, Visa and MasterCard are the most popular ways to deposit for eSports gambling. This method is a players’ favorite for a reason it offers built-in security that make them at ease and decreases the risks associated with it. The only problem is that the American Express users are left out.

Furthermore, it is possible to place bets via wire transfers from the gamblers’ checking account, via ACH transfers, virtual wallets such as Skrill, money transfer services and cash deposits at a land-based location.

Usually, such sites do not allow for deposits to be made using bitcoins. However, this is the case with most of the major eSports gambling sites, while there are smaller online eSports sites which are an exception to the rule.

Games Offered

Last, but not least, in our review process, the most obvious criterium also plays a role: the games that the sites offer.

When you decide to place an eSports bet, you can decide to do it in several different ways, expecting different outcomes.

These types of bets are the most easily understandable, as they are conducted in the same way they would be done in a physical environment for a traditional sports match. With the increase of the eSports market, many of the well established online bookmakers offer eSports betting option. The advantage in choosing this option is the low risk associated with it since the bettor is certain of the credibility of the site he places the bet at. Of course, just like with any other thing, there is a downside to it, mainly linked to the limited choice of eSports, inferior to that of specialized eSports sites.

So far, the two traditional sportsbooks bet365 and Pinnacle, try to embrace and develop eSports betting in their operations.

Fantasy eSports Betting

The USA is the home to this kind of bets since it enjoys exemption of the heavy regulations to which online sportsbooks adhere. The difference from traditional one is that in fantasy betting is connected to building lineups, or “fantasy” teams, and then betting on these lineups for major events, instead of outcomes of a particular match. The advantage to this type is that it is legal in the largest part of the USA, but the limitation is obvious: the options are not as numerous as in traditional one.

Skin or Item eSports Betting

Item betting is actually a term which is used for bets made for in-game items. The problem is that the volume of this kind of bets is hard to measure, so it is still unknown how expansive it is. What this means is that these bets are not made for real money, but for game items. However, these items can usually be exchanged for money at third-party applications. These kind of bets are simple and straightforward and involve much less risk since users usually bet items they do not have any use for. The downside is that the lines of what is legal and what is not when it comes to these bets are blurred, and there is no way to know for certain that bettors will actually get what they won.

Social eSports betting is an activity casually conducted among friends. This is a fun and low-risk way of adding some excitement to everyday interactions, but the market is relatively limited.

Is Betting on eSports Legal?

The concerns connected to eSports betting are entirely understandable. There is no reason that bettors would gamble their money without any assurance that the those platforms are safe and offer legitimate matches which do not include any match-fixing or shady deals.

However, lately, several factors have changed that are also transforming the world of eSports online gambling.

First, the eSports prize pools grow in size, which means that there is more money than ever for winning competitions, and so the financial appeal of throwing matches disappears.

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Second, online sportsbooks make fighting fraud their primary interest.

And lastly, the regulation of such websites is substantially increased as opposed to how it was when eSports gambling was just starting out.

Choose Our Site to Lower Your eSports Betting Risk

Conducting a thorough analysis of eSports gambling and creating in-depth reviews of the best sites available to place your esport online bet, we are the go-to source for keeping eSports bettors well informed. We do the research for you and offer you the safest online gambling sites that fit your needs, while at the same time showering you with great odds, as well as many special esport bet promotions and bonuses.

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Esports betting in usa march 2019 esports betting sites
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