In the end, nobody knows Lawrence’s value better than the Cowboys do, and nobody values him more than the Cowboys do, either. If they are serious about winning in 2019 — and I know they are — then they should value Tank’s recent Captains Workouts gesture, they should try to bury the hatchet with agent Canter (the relationship isn’t a great one) and they should be willing to nudge from whatever place it is that they’ve always budgeted to retain this player … because the massive cap room they carved out for this spring was largely part of the plan to retain him.

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<p>Yes, it’s a problem if Dallas insists on a deal with Tank along the lines of the way <b></b><b></b><b>Dee Ford</b>; he’s not signing that anytime soon. And yes, if Tank wants to be paid like <b></b><b></b><b>Khalil Mack</b>, we’ve got the same level of problem on the other end of the teeter-totter. And if nobody budges? Fine. Find me a trade that allows the "2019 urgency” to remain intact. Find me an asset I can get in return that keeps the Cowboys in play as an NFC East favorite.</p>
<p>And what does that trade look like? In my mind’s eye … It looks like <b>Ed Oliver</b>.</p>
<p>It’s becoming a "loud secret” that here inside The Star in Frisco, when Will McClay and the scouting staff and the coaching staff are done with their Big Board input, Oliver, the Houston defensive tackle, is going to rank very, very high. <b>Quinnen Williams</b> of Alabama probably goes higher than he does. But Oliver is seen by the Cowboys scouting department as a difference-maker. Trading Tank for a couple of "maybes” is not wise asset management by Dallas. Talking to teams in the top 10 of this draft about trading Tank for a potential Tank-level defensive lineman is. The obstacle there, though, is obvious: If Dallas sees Williams and Oliver as likely Tank-level forces only at a fraction of Lawrence’s price, why wouldn’t Dallas’ potential trade partners see the same thing?</p>
<p>Trading "this Tank” for "the next Tank” is a fine theory but one difficult to apply practically. The Cowboys are therefore likely left with the next best approach: Finish carving out the path they’ve already begun with "this Tank.”</p>
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<h3>NFL Week 8 Shark Bites: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Betting Notes</h3>
<p><center><iframe width='560
A long-standing rivalry is set for a new chapter as the Washington Redskins host the Dallas Cowboys as home dogs Sunday afternoon.

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