Personally I think it's why share such powerful info ?
There used to be a couple of guys in the UK who were involved in 'horse racing' who were banned from bookies, so they used to have a team of guys putting the bets on for them.
Neighbour of mine was stood in the bookies one day, guy walks in, asks for a price on this no hoper, asks what he can put on it, teller says £250 @ 16/1, guy pulls out a wad of notes, counts off £250 and places the bet.
My neighbour had £10 on him, so did the same bet, then rang me and asked me to use one of my online accounts and asked me to put £50 on for him and told me what had just happened. I put him his £50 on, had £20 for myself and it walked home, hands & heels.


Arbitrage betting, really? is seeing huge

That is off topic, to arbbing sports. However, what I used to find worked really well, is seeing huge movements in odds on horses such as these, watching the price crash, then lay the horse on an exchange.
Yes you lose half your profit if it does win but if the horse fails to win, you win the lay bet. Resourse:

What is Bitcoin Arbitrage? | Bitcoin Traders Club


Arbitrage betting, really?
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