The following golf betting rules are standard industry wide but it is highly recommended that you check the fine print at your online sportsbook as rules can and do vary at different gambling venues. Betting on the PGA can be fun and very profitable! It is a sport in which you can truly gain an advantage vs. the oddsmakers as they don’t spend as much time on this sport as they do the other major sports with higher handle on their events.

Outright Tournament Winners – Player to Win: All outright wagers are paid out after the official announcement goes public of which player won the tournament. This includes playoffs.
In the case of a PGA tournament being reduced from the scheduled number of holes, any bets pmade after the final completed round will be voided. If the scheduled number of holes in a tourney are not completed, all outright bets are void unless an official winner is declared, in which case outright bets will stand.

72 Hole Match Betting – Player vs. Player: The player with the lowest scores win. Should one player make the cut and the other miss it, the playing making the cut is deemed the winner. If both players in the match-up miss the cut, the player with the lowest 2 round score shall be awarded the winner of the wager, if both players miss the cut on the same score, the tie shall be deemed the official result.

18 Hole Match Betting – Player vs. Player: The player with the lowest score is the winner. Similar to baseball, both players need to “tee off” with at least one swing in order for this wager to be considered action. Some sportsbooks offer a “tie” as an option to bet. If a tie happens, both players lose and the tie option is considered the winner.

Should a tourney be delayed by weather or other circumstance, the wager is active and live for one week from the original scheduled date OR if played under the same tournament.

Golf betting rules Outright Tournament


Golf betting rules
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