Since we were little we have been fed with gambling commercials, During the 90s they were mostly commercials educating about how to play certain table games such as Blackjack and roulette. During the 2000s the online casinos really took off and we saw more and more casinos popping up online and saw more and more commercials. That is where we got the idea of creating a website that will guide you through all the new casinos and separate the good from the bad. We will provide you with the best campaigns, the best bonuses, the latest bonus spins and of course list the bookies with the best odds.

What are bonus spins?

This iconic bonus has gotten a lot of names during the years as it is the most common way of rewarding the customers at a casino. If you are new into the world of casinos you will notice that almost every casino out there is calling them something different. For Example: Mega spins, Super spins, bonus spins, extra spins, free games ect. What you really need to know is that there is really only two different bonus spins out there. The ones with wager which means that if you win on your bonus spins you will have play for a certain amount before you can withdraw your winnings, the second type of bonus spins is the wager free which means that if you win on your bonus spins you can withdraw it straight away. No strings attached.

Gambling sites online – compare casinos and betting sites can evaluate and

What is a casino bonus?

Almost everyone has taken a bonus before, maybe not a casino bonus but bonuses as in loyalty cards from your favorite store where you will get better prices or even money back. The reason why there is so many loyalty programs out there is cause we as humans like to be rewarded so the scheme works. In the world of casinos however the loyalty programs/bonuses is very generous but a lot of them comes with strings attached and is not very beneficial for you, so what we will do it read all the fine prints for you and only list the bonuses that will maximize your chances of winning big at the casinos. There will still be some strings attached of course, some bonuses you will have to deposit a certain amount and wager the amount of the bonus you receive.

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What is a live casino bonus?

Live casino is a phenomenon that has really become popular the last few years and is going nowhere anytime soon. To play online at a live casino means that you will have live dealers doing all the work like they would if you went to a land-base casino. The reason why it has become so popular is that you will get the same exact feeling in front of you screen as if you were in a land-base casino without having to dress up and physically walk into a casino.

What is a sportsbook bonus?

So if you receive a sportsbook bonus, what the difference? A sportsbook bonus works the exact same way as a casino bonus but you only use it when you place bets on your favorite team on a betting site. The requirements is often that you will have to place the bets on games with high odds, but the best part of receiving a sportsbook bonus is that will have the math on your side since you are betting the majority of the bonus with free money. We recommend that check through the betting sites that we list to receiver the best odds for the game you want to bet on.

Finding a new online casino 2018

Almost once a day there is a new casino or a sports betting release. We created this website since our curiosity is the thriving factor. We can’t keep our hands away from all the new sites that are popping up so we can evaluate and recommend them for you, we are doing this so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on a casino/sportsbook that is no good for you. The only thing you will have to do is pick one of the casinos that we promote on this site and everything will be alright.

Gambling sites online – compare casinos and betting sites which means that if

When the first online casino was released back in 1995 there was just a handful of casino games to choose from, today it is a different story though. There is over 60 slot providers and thousands and thousands of slot machines to choose from, it would take you years to just try all the slots machines that are out there and that number will just go up and up. To just mention a few of the most popular slot provides we have NetEnt, MicroGaming, Yggdrasil, QuickSpin, PlayTech and Play’n GO.


Jackpots has and will always be a thrilling thing since there is a lot of money that you can win, all of us has sometime dreamt of winning it big and swoop the jackpot on a big game. The biggest jackpots out there you will find in the slot section and you can win millions with just the push of a button. You can find jackpots on almost anything from table games to bingo. We will also tell you when a jackpot is going out or when it is a good time to play on a jackpot game to maximize your chances.

Mobile casino

Today every casino supports the use of mobile straight through the browser on your phone without having to install an app, so it is super convenient to play wherever you are, so why not give it a chance to win a jackpot on your commute to work?


Is safe to choose online casinos for usa players?

Gambling sites online – compare casinos and betting sites
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