Betting on basketball is by far one of the easiest types of bets that you can place on the top 4 popular sports in United States that manage to gather around the largest amount of bets and that are powering the online sports betting industry.

Since placing bets on basketball is so easy, it makes perfect sense to start your very own arbitrage betting for this sport. In this article we are planning to offer you a good overview of what you have to do in order to start doing basketball betting arbitrage and what exactly does this practice have to do with sports betting.

The betting arbitrage is also known in the online sports betting world as miracle bets, surebets or sports arbitraging.

This type of practice means that a bettor must take advantage of the differences that have been created between two sportsbooks that are offering some different outcomes and odds at a certain event, or that happen of pure plain errors that occur. With the help of this practice you must make sure that you place one bet for each outcome of the event on different bookmakers and this way thanks to the differences that are there no matter what will happen at that basketball game, you will still be able to win some money.

The bettor slang has come up with a nice word for those that practice sports betting arbitrage and they are most of the time referred as arbers, while their activity as arb. A typical basketball arbitrage bet like this is going to offer you a profit of around 2%, sometimes even less than that.

But there are also some other basketball betting arbitrage that are being done from time to time and that offer 4-5% or sometimes you could even see a profit of 20%. In order to get some good money out of this practice you will need to use some significantly high sums of money so that you will have a good profit.

Overall the basketball betting arbitrage has proved to be a successful practice that can help you generate some nice income.

Basketball betting arbitrage can place on


Whether you're interested in betting on March Maddness, or betting on the Summer Olympics, betting arbitrage is something you should definitely take in account. I suggest using the odds comparison tool on the homepage, which will be very helpful for finding the diferences between the sportsbooks promoted on EuroSlam.


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Basketball betting arbitrage
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