Of these devices, the Apple and Android products are by far the most popular and dominate the marketplace. So let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular devices.

Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone has almost a cult following. There are customer that will not consider anything else despite the hefty price tag that comes attached to Apple products. The phones are popular because of their build quality and reliability, and because of the way in which they have revolutionised the way in which we browse on mobile devices.

The iPhone is very much based around the use of apps, but mobile-friendly websites can easily be accessed via the excellent built-in browsers. Whether your betting company uses an app or a responsive website, you should have no problem betting on the go with an iPhone.

Android smartphone

Android smartphones have a huge following amongst users that do not like to be restricted by the functionality of an Apple product. Android devices are all about flexibility and can be customised in every way imaginable to suit the needs of the user.

Android devices can still be loaded with apps in the same way as an iPhone but they are more flexible in other ways. For example, an Android user can update or upgrade the size of their memory card at any time, or replacing a dying battery with ease. They can also add widgets to their home screen and keep apps stored out of sight.

Android devices make it easy to drag and drop files to and from your PC, and they have built-in infrared systems that can be used to control TVs etc.

Android users will have no problem accessing mobile betting sites and can choose their favourite browser to do the job. There are many betting apps that are easy to download and you can even add them directly to your phone while browsing the Google app store on a laptop or PC.

Apple iPad

The iPad works in a similar way to an iPhone but without the ability to make standard mobile phone calls. The larger screen makes surfing the internet even easier and you can download dedicated versions of all your favourite apps.

Tablets such as the iPad make betting on the go a pleasure. You can just log in to your favourite site and bet in the normal way. The layout of the page and the navigation bar will be optimised for the size of your device and will also adjust to portrait or landscape mode.

Android tablet

An android tablet has all the flexibility and customisability of a smartphone but with a much larger screen. Screen sizes can vary from around 7 to 11 inches and this makes them great for browsing mobile versions of betting websites. You can put direct links to all your mobile betting sites on your home page to gain one-click access to a world of betting options.

Smaller Android tablets that can also make phone calls are also available and are often referred to as Phablets. These devices typically have screen sizes between 5 and 7 inches.

Other Devices

A large number of mobile phones now use a windows-based operating system that delivers all the familiarity of the world’s biggest operating system with much of the functionality of a the IOS and Android devices.

These devices are great for those who want a seamless transition from the desktop environment that they are used to, into the world of mobile internet use. A Windows mobile device is easy to use for anyone who has used a Windows-based laptop or PC.

Another mobile device that many people will be familiar with is the BlackBerry. With its own unique operating system, the company once enjoyed a large slice of the mobile market until it was pushed out of the picture by the success of Apple IOS and Android products. As a result, the company has made its first move into the Android market and is currently concentrating on marketing its products to high-end users. In the future, BlackBerry products may simply fall under the label of Android smartphones.

Phone or tablet?

Both devices have advantages and disadvantages but both will allow you to bet on the go with ease. A smartphone or iPhone is the obvious choice because it is something you will probably carry with you all the time. Therefore, you can just place a bet as a when you feel like it without having to plan in advance. The size of your screen may affect your overall browsing experience but most modern phone have large, clear screens for easy navigation.

If you use an iPad or an Android tablet you will find that they make a great option for betting on the go. The screen size makes them slightly easier to navigate than a mobile phone screen. However, a tablet is a device that you may not carry with you all the time.

For those people that regularly carry a bag for work or when they go out and about, a tablet makes perfect sense. It is light enough to slip in your bag and small enough to use in a bar or café, or on public transport. And if you ever forget it, you can always use your phone.

Top 10 reasons why mobile betting is so popular


  1. 10 reasons why mobile sports betting is so popularIt's easy – Mobile betting is easy because you can place a bet whenever and wherever you feel like it. Once you have opened accounts with your favourite sportsbooks, logging in to the mobile version of the site is easy. In most cases, you just visit the same web address as the main site and it automatically adjusts to the mobile version.

    You can save direct links to each site on the home screen of your device or in your favourites menu to gain even quicker access to your bets. If your betting company offers an app, you can download the app and log in with your existing account details. The app will also give you one-click to all the betting options.

  2. No download – If you do not want to download an application to your device, you don’t have to. Most top betting website offer perfectly usable mobile versions of their sites which negate the need for a dedicated app. Betting apps use up a large chunk of your device’s memory, so if you have accounts with multiple bookmakers it can make much more sense to visit a mobile betting website rather than clog up your device with individual apps.

  3. Full range of options – Mobile betting does not restrict your options when it comes to sports gambling. When you visit a mobile version of a sportsbook, you get the same range of functionality that you would expect from the main site. All your favorite markets can be easily accessed on your device of choice via mobile betting websites.

  4. Bet live at the game – Mobile betting services allow you to bet from wherever you are – even from your seat at the game! When combined with live in-play betting, mobile gambling can add another dimension of excitement to your favorite sport.

    You can react to the action as it unfolds and place strategic live bets on a range of dynamic markets and in-game propositions. You can even cover or minimise potential losses by betting on different outcomes when results are not going your way. You can find out more about live betting strategies in the following article.

    Of course, it’s not just at the game where mobile betting can come in handy. You can bet in the bar with your friends or in the comfort of your own home without having to use a laptop or PC. Mobile betting gives you the ultimate control over your betting activities.

  5. Spontaneous – Mobile betting allows you to be spontaneous. You can react to an opportunity the moment that you identify it. If you spot a bet that offers great value, you can grab the price before it shortens ensuring the best return on your bet. Bookmakers often publish great early prices to stimulate one side of a market and then bring the price down once they achieve a balanced book. Mobile betting means you can react there and then to grab the best prices on your picks.

  6. Full control – Betting on a mobile device puts you in full control. You can deposit and withdraw money when it suits you. You can choose to cash out of a bet from wherever you are. And you can bet while you are watching the game with your friends to add further excitement to your viewing experience.

  7. Freedom – Mobile betting frees you from your desktop and gives you more time to enjoy other activities and pastimes. You don’t have to spend all day at home, watching and waiting for betting opportunities. You can use the time spent commuting on a bus or train to place your bets, and spend more time doing other things you enjoy. Mobile betting allows punters to get on with their lives whilst still enjoying a bet on their favorite sport.

  8. Additional bonuses – When you sign up with a sportsbook, you nearly always get a welcome bonus. In addition, many bookies will give you an extra bonus, the first time you place a bet using a mobile device. When you log on to the site, it can tell what kind of device you are using, so if there is a mobile bonus available, it will be automatically applied to your account. Check out the terms and conditions of your favourite sportsbooks for full details of any mobile bet bonuses. You may find that some will even offer reload bonuses and ongoing bonuses to mobile punters.

  9. Live streaming – Live streaming is a feature that has started to appear on the websites of some of the big players in the betting industry. When you deposit money and place a bet, you are granted access to live streams of certain events such as tennis, soccer or basketball games. These live streams can also be accessed on your mobile device. Live streaming is set to be one of the hot features in the coming years and should start to appear on more and more sites. If you have an account with a bookmaker that offers this service, you will have the ability to place bets and watch live action from wherever you are.

  10. Live match updates – Even if your betting website does not offer live streaming, you may find that they offer a live match update service. This service basically gives you a live account of what is happening in the match via text and graphic simulations. The software is designed to give you all the vital information of your chosen event. For example, in a soccer game, you would be able to see when a corner or free-kick has been given, if a goal has been scored or if a player has been cautioned or sent off. Some sites even have an image that simulates on which part of the pitch the action is being played out.


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