Visitors will find useful tips, genuine answers, and helpful advice on a variety of topics. Popular subjects include limits, bonuses, incentives, and taking advantage of promotional offers. Learn about the various wagers you can make, and how to understand odds in different parts of the world.

We offer betting site listings and recommendations sorted by category. Sports specific ratings, all types of real money games, and many other popular gambling markets. In 2019, we encourage players to signup with licensed betting sites only. Regulated markets offer safety, security, and avoidance of complications when cashing out winnings.

We do trust the offshore options listed here, but we also think the writing is on the wall and it’s time to change with the times. For more specific reading, visit one of the sections below.

  • Betting Site Reviews – Focusing on specific factors that matter most, check out our unbiased reviews for detailed explanations of the most popular brands. How to download and install software, current promotions, information on restricted countries, available languages, software compatibility, and more.
  • Top Rated – Our exclusive list of brands and operators we think are trust worthy, judged by our panel of industry experts. User based ratings are coming soon to upgrade this experience. Our unique search tool, enables filtering based on preferences defined by you.
  • Bonuses And Promotions – Never accept a bonus offer without knowing the terms and conditions attached to it. Wagering requirements, rollovers, and cash out restrictions exist. Read this section for an insiders guide to picking promotions that add value to your bottom line.
  • Banking And Payouts – One of the most frequent questions we get from customers are banking related. How to deposit and withdraw funds at betting sites explained in detail – with all the major options covered.
  • Country Specific Listings – helpful information tailored to your geographical region. We also list available languages supported, accepted currencies, and explore the legal and regulatory framework with recognized regulatory bodies and licensed operators.
  • News, Tips, and Current Events – follow our blog for the latest news and industry updates, and find current odds and promotions for major events.

Each section lists top portals tailored to a specific niche, and explains elements that one should look for when choosing where to bet online. All international leagues and major competitions are in our sports section. Almost every type of game played for money is in our gaming area.

  • Sports Betting Sites – Our sports section lists the best sports betting sites for individual sports as well as recommendations for types of betting such as in-play betting, using exchanges, daily fantasy sports, and more.
  • Racing Betting Sites – Find the best greyhound and horse racing sites with recommendations that take into account the unique needs of racing punters.
  • Online Lottery Sites – Learn how to buy lottery tickets online and see which online lottery sites are the best for specific lotteries held around the world.
  • Novelty Betting Sites – Venture off the beaten path to bet on events that most people do not normally associate with gambling. See where to bet on the weather, politics, entertainment, and more.
  • Financial Betting Sites – Financial betting sites let you play the market without actually owning the underlying assets. We have guides and top-lists for binary options sites, fixed-odds financial betting, and financial spread betting.
  • Online Gaming Sites – Here we recommend the best sites to play real money games online including dedicated sections specific to online casino sites, online poker sites, sites with skill games, and more.

With So Many Choices, Where Should You Bet Online?

For casual sports fans staking less than a few hundred £/€/$ per game, any betting site listed on this page will suit you fine. If your tastes are more refined, please consider looking at our rankings and reviews before selecting. Search all types of betting sites based on your own personal preferences, using our unique filtering tool. This allows you to search based on the criteria you define most important.

We list web-based bookmakers tailored to your personal preferences. Select at least one filter or as many as you like, and the results will populate below.

Let’s look at some of the qualities top gambling websites should have.

Operators known as the most reputable brands in the industry, will have top rankings on every “honest” bookmaker/sportsbook review portal and share certain traits and attributions, detailed below.

It is important to note that we make an honest effort to only list establishments that share these qualities. You can choose from thousands of gambling sites. Most are reputable, but watch out for rogue operators and scams. Here is a few of the key features we think any reputable company should offer:

  • Wagering in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Integrated sportsbook, racebook, casino, and poker room with seamless cashier.
  • Generous sign-up bonuses, loyalty rewards, and frequent player promotions.
  • Industry leading odds, market coverage, and propositions.
  • Wide selection of real money games.
  • Real money stake levels ranging from micro limit to high stakes wagers.
  • Responsive and helpful customer support and security team.
  • Variety of easy deposit methods and fast payouts to winners without excessive fees.
  • Global accessibility and availability to international customers in all regions world wide.
  • History, reputation, and public perception.

More than anything, we look for online betting sites that never fail to pay legitimate winners. Reputable services will never confiscate funds or slow pay honest winnings.

Online betting sites - reviews and ratings for 2019 Check public

Often times the manner in which a brand communicates with customers is an indicator of how disputes turn out. Reputable companies with nothing to hide are not afraid to defend their position. Check public forums, communities, news outlets, and on their social media profiles.

Tips For Choosing Online Gambling Sites

Remember that all sports betting sites are unique. There is a lot to consider when joining online betting websites. Does that site specialize in the sports, markets, and events you wager on? Do they offer an integrated suite of platforms that covers your gaming preferences? If so, how vast are their options? Other considerations include quality of bonus offers, and the value of vip loyalty rewards. Accepted payment methods, quality of customer support, problem resolutions, and how fast winners recieve payments are important factors.

Do you enjoy in-play wagers? Do you want to bet on your mobile phone or tablet device? This is only a partial list of what to consider when evaluating where you plan to play at. On our website you’ll find a plethora of information tailored to hundreds of different specific factors we believe important to recreational and professional gamblers.

Serious punters use multiple betting websites. To get the best odds and lines possible you’ll want to have accounts at many shops. This way you can log into a few of them and shop the prices. Line shopping is an amazing thing once you understand the power of compound interest. A wise forum poster once said at 2+2, “I know far more winning line shoppers, than I do winning handicappers”. Plus, when wagering at several online gambling sites, you can take advantage of more than one bonus or promotion.

Again, as you navigate our listings don’t be afraid to join several of the betting sites we recommend.

Remember, internet betting sites are not without controversy. Depending on where you live, the legal status of risking money online can vary greatly. Situations range from licensed, taxed, and regulated, to outright illegal. In some countries, only certain forms of online gaming are available. In the United States for example, accessibility changes state by state. Many countries have a regulated market, while others operate in a grey area. The UK, France, Spain, and Italy, operate under a regulated system while Canada and the United States operate in a grey area. It’s impossible to keep legislation efforts taking place across the globe updated.

Our opinion is that the future of safe and secure wagering is in regulation. Tech savvy younger generations have embraced gambling sites as mainstream. Our mission is to help guide you through the process of finding the best providers for your particular preferences. We also list current promotions that are available only to our fans, so please take some time to look around and see all that we have to offer.

High Stakes Wagering Advice

The most important tip we can give to high limit sports bettors is to make sure you stick to well trusted betting sites. Even though many places claim to offer large stakes and limits, any outfit looking to pull an angle will do so with one large punter as opposed to dozens of smaller ones. The PR hit is cheaper this way. Players can only rely on licensing and regulation for minimal safeguards. Licensing commissions tend to rule in favor of operators more often than the player. Be careful when wagering large amounts of money on the net.

For anyone staking greater than £500/€600/$800 per wager, the high limit sites we recommend will have been operating a long time. And hold an active license in a reputable district.

The best bookies operate with the lowest margins, maintain the highest limits, and provide the fastest payouts. Quality portals do this while providing top notch customer service, and meeting our other standards for placement on OBS.

About Our Team And Who We Are

We developed a unique tool that takes personal preferences and user-based data to help you find ideal options tailored to you. In addition to that feature and various other tools we are developing, we also apply a facts driven approach to which brands deserve to make our list. Considering factors that matter the most to punters is a large part of our focus. Including how fast payments are, or how easy it is to fund a new account. We also study a sites reputation, history of complaints, and quality of support.

We are not perfect, and we do occasionally make mistakes. We encourage visitors to issue feedback on the quality of our listings.

Read more about our background on our about us page. Follow us on twitter, read our blog, or get in touch with us using the contact form on the bottom of this page.

Our pages contain expert tips and strategy. Not only do we assist in finding top sites to play at, we also supply the advice needed to beat those betting sites for a greater chance at a profit. Unique topics such as info on all types of systems players convince themselves to try.

If you enjoy our content, please consider supporting us. Visit our sponsors, mention us on Facebook, forums, or industry blogs. We wish you the best of luck, a big thank you for visiting us.

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Final note from editors:

If you feel you may have a problem or addiction, please seek help right away and without shame for your gambling addiction.


Online betting sites – reviews and ratings for 2019
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