Today I’ll let you in on a secret.. sometimes even the experienced Matched Bettors fail! And fail I did at trying to get onto Coral’s VIP scheme.

Coral, like most bookies, offer a VIP scheme for a minority of customers who enjoy greatly enhanced special offers and freebies. Whereas a typical offer might be “Bet £20 get £20”, for a VIP this offer would be “Bet £200 get £200”. Also the free spins tend to be worth £2 each rather than 20p each, for instance.

Getting onto a bookie’s VIP scheme is usually shrouded in mystery however Coral are kind enough to clearly lay out their requirements for VIP:

So the easiest way to achieve this is to reach 1,500 priority points through sports single bets. 1,500 points at 2.5 points per £10 is equal to £6000 worth of single sports bets (no minimum odds).

If we try to estimate the qualifying losses on doing this it’s roughly:

So an estimated £74.42 loss if done at a close low-odds match while avoiding arbs. Excellent value for even just a single enhanced offer.

Obviously a £6k bet on an account with no previously history of such large bets is going to stick out, however splitting it into something more reasonable like £500 bets should be fine. Or so I thought…

Ouch! Uber-Sports gubbed halfway through the 6k wagering requirement. I wasn’t taking arbs however my first few big bets won (as expected due to the low odds matches) and so perhaps Coral thought I had been reborn as a professional gambler (rather than matched bettor)? Either way, my account was limited to a maximum of 0.00p stakes and the VIP dreams were dashed.

So what did I do wrong? Perhaps a new account would have had more luck had they started doing large £500 bets right from the beginning rather than someone with a history of small £10 bets taking advantage of various matched-bet type offers? Or maybe Coral just didn’t like that I was betting on close matched bets (even though they were all large premier league games and not arbs)?

I’ve got a friend waiting to sign up to Coral so will see if they have more luck by doing large bets right from the start and report back.


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