People bet on sports for a variety of different reasons. Some do
it because they find it makes watching sports even more exciting,
while others do it simply because they like the buzz that betting
gives them. For some people it’s all about testing their sports
knowledge while others enjoy trying to "beat the bookmakers."

Not everyone who places these bets are particularly concerned
about the amount of money they win or lose. Any money lost might be
viewed simply as an entertainment cost, while any money won would be
considered a bonus. Even those that are betting for the challenge
may be more interested in the satisfaction they get from winning
over the actual profit they make.

With all of that being said, however, it would be reasonable to
assume that a sizable percentage of people that bet on sports do so
because they want to win some money. That’s certainly our view.
We’ve also found that many bettors have, at some point, thought (or
dreamed) about making a living through betting and becoming a
professional sports gambler.

That’s why we’ve put together these series of articles on life as
a professional sports gambler. We cover the pros and cons of making
a living this way, and we look at what’s required to make it
possible. We provide some advice on getting started too. In the
future, we are going to add interviews with professional full time
sports bettors, to give you special insight into what it’s really

In this first article of the series, we look at the pros of life
as a professional sports gambler. There are plenty of pros that we
could address, but we’re just going to focus on the ones we believe
are the most appealing.

Pros of being a professional sports gambler even need

You Can Choose Your Own Hours

Choosing how many hours you work and when you work them is a very
attractive concept to most people. Being a professional sports
gambler gives you this flexibility, to some extent at least, because
much of the work you need to do can be done anytime you choose. It’s
also ultimately up to you to choose how many hours you put in.

Of course, there may be certain times when you absolutely have to
work. If you make money through live betting on tennis, for example,
then you obviously need to be online and placing your wagers while
the matches are taking place. When betting in advance of events,
though, you can place your wagers within a much more flexible
timeline. Things like research, analyzing your betting records, and
developing new strategies can also be done at your convenience.

Bear in mind, though, that this doesn’t necessarily mean you can
get away with not working a lot. You might have some success without
putting in too many hours, but most professional sports gamblers
have to work long and hard to get the results they want.

No Boss Telling You What To Do

Not having a boss to answer to also is obviously appealing.
There’s no-one to tell what you to do or when to do it. As a
professional sports gambler you are essentially in complete control
of your working life. You don’t have to do things in a certain way
to appeal to what someone else wants, and you have the opportunity
to put your own methods and procedures in place. Essentially, you
work in whatever way you feel is best for you.

You can also have time off whenever you need it, without having
to seek permission and you won’t be called into work at inconvenient
times either. This kind of freedom can really help you get the right
balance between work and your personal life, which can in turn make
for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

You Can Work From Almost Anywhere

As a professional sports gambler you don’t just have flexibility
on when and how you work, you also have flexibility on where you
work. You can work from almost anywhere, which gives you even more
freedom to live your life the way you want to.

Providing you have internet access, you can do your research and
place your wagers no matter where you are. Nowadays you also have
the option to bet on your mobile devices, so you don’t even need a
computer or laptop. You can be wherever you want to be and
still be able to do your job.

There Is Huge Earning Potential

The earning potential of professional betting is perhaps the most
appealing pro of all. If you’re good at your job, then you may be
able to make the kind of money that most people only dream of.
However, you shouldn’t view sports betting as a "get rich quick
scheme," because it isn’t, but it’s certainly possible to make a
decent income from it.

Don’t forget, though, that there’s always risk involved in any
form of gambling. Essentially, in order to make more money, you have
to risk more money. This is why it’s important to have a decent
amount of money to start with before taking up betting as your full
time job. It’s also a good idea not to seek after huge gains in the
beginning, but rather try to build up your income over time.

You Can Have A Lot Of Fun

The final advantage we’re going to mention here is that being a
professional sports gambler can be a lot of fun. That won’t
necessarily always be the case because there will probably be times
when things aren’t going great, but when things are going well it
can be very enjoyable. Earning a decent income, working at your
convenience, and watching plenty of sports is hardly a chore.

We have obviously painted a pretty attractive picture of what
life as a professional sports gambler can look like. Please don’t
assume that betting on sports for a living is all rainbows and
butterflies though. It’s not easy to succeed, and the life doesn’t
come without its downsides either. We address the cons of
professional sports gambling in the next article of this series.


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Pros of being a professional sports gambler
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