Sports Betting Stats Company Description: … aims to provide the sports fan with all the information required to make informed choices and have fun. Comprised of a team of high-level computer and software programmers, veterans of journalism and publishing and sports and betting enthusiasts, SBS brings unmatched technical ability, polished writing and stylish design to the industry. Based in Halifax, Canada, SBS has grown from seeds planted in 1994 when government-run sports lotteries were introduced…

Sports Handicapper(s): Doc Sports, Robert Ferringo

Covering these sports:
NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, NHL and other sports

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What to expect: Sports Betting Stats offers a clear and concise web experience that cuts to the chase with simple betting tools but no sports picks. This is more of an information site and less of a handicapper service. Without beating around the bush and offering only vague details, Sports Betting Stats provides information that’s useful for a beginner all the way to an advanced user. There are tutorials for betting in Football, Basketball, Baseball. Sports Betting Stats doesn’t stop there, the sites creator Robert Ferringo provides helpful money-management techniques as well as a keen understanding of risk management and solid statistical analysis for most sports including Nascar, NHL, and Soccer. Sports Betting Stats seems to take an open and honest approach to their handicapping services and isn’t afraid to point you to an affiliate if they offer a better experience for the sport your thinking of investing in. It’s easy to navigate and the pleasantly simple layout makes for a great experience that won’t leave you frustrated. Sports Betting Stats also provides links to several affiliate websites that have reputations that only lend to it’s credibility. This is an excellent first stop if you are interested in learning more about the sports handicapping business without being overwhelmed by difficult to read graphs and advanced statistics. If you are serious sports bettor this is probably not the best match for you.

Sports betting stats handicapper review keen understanding of risk

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Sports betting stats handicapper review
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