Here at Betting Gods, it’s always been our mantra to try and make making money as easy as possible for our members. Therefore, despite the fact we usually concentrate our efforts on finding the best horse racing tipsters and sports tipsters in the land, we’ve decided we’ll also be taking a strong interest in sports arbitrage betting in the near future.

What is Sports Arbitrage Betting?

The principle behind Sports Arbitrage Betting is basically it is sometimes possible to bet on both horses in a two-horse race and make a profit.

For example, everyone knows that the odds of a coin toss are evens it comes up heads and evens it comes up tails. However, just imagine that one bookmaker was willing to offer 11/10 about heads, whilst another bookmaker was willing to offer 11/10 about tails. You’d be crazy not to back both results at 11/10 – as you’d be guaranteed to make a profit no matter what the result.

Let’s imagine heads wins:

That’s £100 on Heads (won) at 11/10 = a return of £210
Also £100 on Tails at 11/10 (loss) = a return of £0
That’s an outlay of £200 and a return of £210 = a £10 profit and a 5% ROI

Let’s imagine tails wins:

That’s £100 on Tails (won) at 11/10 = a return of £210
Also £100 on Heads at 11/10 (loss) = a return of £0
That’s an outlay of £200 and a return of £210 = a £10 profit and a 5% ROI
*So, that’s a £10 profit and a 5% ROI either way – a perfect arbitrage

What Kind of Markets Offer These Opportunities?

There aren’t literally too many two horse races in which you can place these sorts of bets. However, there are lots of sports that are literally one team or player vs another. Examples include cricket, tennis, golf, and many other sports. Such is the competitive nature of online bookmaking, it is often the case that bookmakers have very different opinions of the odds that teams or players should be priced up at. This means it is often possible to back both teams or players in a market and make a profit. Therefore, if you’re quick enough, you can often take advantage of these discrepancies before the market settles into a position where sports arbitrages aren’t possible.

Sports arbitrage betting – is it easy money? the best way to take

Back and Lay Sports Arbitrages

Backing both teams or players aren’t the only types of sports arbitrages though, as online betting exchanges also make it possible to back and lay a selection to make a profit when odds allow. Sometimes some bookies offer standout odds about a selection, and it’s often possible to take such odds and then lay the selection back on the exchanges at lower odds. This again ensures a profit whether the selection wins or loses. This back and lay scenario can work for any selection in any sport.

Advantages of Sports Arbitrage Betting

No luck involved
Very low risk
No long losing runs
Make a profit every day, week, and month
Takes no more than a few minutes to place each arbitrage bet
Make a steady return on investment

Sports arbitrage betting – is it easy money? it comes up heads

How Do You Find Arbitrage Opportunities?

It’s possible to spot arbitrage opportunities simply by checking through odds comparisons sites. However, this does take time and, by the time you find them, there’s a good chance the professional arbitrage boys will be one step ahead and the odds may have gone. So how do the professionals find these opportunities? The answer is they use software programmes that are specially designed to find sports arbitrage betting opportunities and work out the best way to take advantage of them.

Are You Interested?

If you’re serious about making money from betting, then surely you have to be interested in the idea of making money from low-risk sports arbitrage betting. You just need the tools to do it right!
That’s why here at Betting Gods, we’re working on our very own brand of sports arbitrage betting software, which we’ll be looking to make available to all our members in the near future.



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Sports arbitrage betting – is it easy money?
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