Thankfully, after a lot of headaches, we have found several betting websites
that pass the test and offer a fantastic user interface. If you’re planning on
spending any significant amount of time betting, this is going to be one of the
most important factors for you. Regardless of how long you’re going to spend,
it’s important because you don’t want to be using a site that makes it easy to
make mistakes with your bets. If you haven’t experienced the pain of cheering
for a game, thinking you won a big bet and then realizing you made a mistake and
bet the other way, we pray you never have to.

Live Betting Options

This criterion was the lowest on our priority list, but still something that
we deemed important enough to look for and list. Some NBA betting sites are
going to allow you to
place bets
during the game and in real time. These live betting options might just be
specific quarter or half time bets, and they may be more intensive with
real-time bets as to what might happen on the next play.

These may or may not be important to you depending on what type of betting
you like to do, hence the reason we had it lower on our priority list when
selecting our sites.

"Home Base" NBA Betting Sites

If you’re someone who bets on a lot of NBA basketball, you’re going to want to
find somewhere to house most of your action. There are no sites out there that
are NBA-only or only offer basketball bets. However, there are a lot of sites
that clearly put a focus on NBA bettors and seem to cater to their unique needs.
These sites we refer to as home base sites for NBA bettors because they are
places you can expect to spend most of your time and have most of your needs

Nba betting sites for 2019 - best places to bet on the nba any significant amount of

These sites offer the most variety of bets, and typically also have the live
betting options. Their bonuses are also highly tailored to NBA or basketball
bettors. These sites will usually offer action on preseason games and every
regular season game, not just the popular options.

Should you only have a home base NBA site and nothing else? This all depends
on what your end goals with NBA sports betting are. If you’re a casual fan that
places a few small bets here and there for fun, you’ll be all set with a home
base site. If you’re an aspiring professional bettor, a professional bettor or a
serious amateur, you’re going to want also have
additional sites to shop lines.

NBA Finals Betting Sites

Some of you may be here specifically looking for places to bet on the NBA
Finals. The good news for you is that a lot more sites will get in on the action
with a lot more variety of bets when it comes down to the playoffs and the
Finals. For this reason, you can bet that you’re going to have a lot more
options. If you already have a betting home, you may already be set for the

Nba betting sites for 2019 - best places to bet on the nba on preseason

One thing we do recommend doing, though, is looking at any bonus promotions
that other sites are offering specifically for the Finals.


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Nba betting sites for 2019 – best places to bet on the nba
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