The following criteria have been used when ranking the online bookmakers list on our website. First we start with the brand – only betting sites with years of proven track in the sports betting industry take part in the pool of bookies, from which we select the ones with the best reputation. If you look at other bookmakers reviews websites, you will see tens, sometimes even hundreds of bookies. Here, however, we believe in quality over quantity. You don’t want to change your bookmaker every day, an account with a few of the best is enough, if you want to compare odds, promo offers, etc. In addition to selecting the top online bookmakers from the start, we also continue to monitor the player forums and other industry forums for any bad reviews. If you have had troubles with internet bookies before, you know how important it is to catch the first signs of a betting site about to go rogue. We don’t believe this is possible with the UK and EU bookmakers on our list, but some of those USA facing ones could be a bit tricky to handle. That’s why staying informed helps both us and our visitors.

Other features we consider include the betting markets available at each bookmaker, as well as the size of the bets acceptable by the betting firm. It’s only natural for a punter to look for a bookie which offers betting markets on every major sport, including horse racing. Believe it or not, a lot of so-called popular sports betting websites only offer odds and markets on the big leagues, shying away from more local sporting events. The betting sites here are all offering betting markets and bets on small leagues from all over the world, offering you more options to bet throughout the year, once the big football is in off season, for example. And as far as the size of the bets, truth is that many online bookmakers don’t like big bettors and big winners much. For many bookies it’s just to risky to offer large bets, others are quick to limit a punter on a winning streak. You can rest assure that the betting companies recommended by us are on top of their game in this department. Pinnacle Sports, our top bookmaker, for example, is well know for being the bookmaker allowing the largest bets in the world, high-rollers are indeed welcomed there. So if you want to choose your online bookmaker from a pool of the very best in the world, your best option is the bookies above.

Online bookmakers - list of the best online bookies world, offering


Online bookmakers – list of the best online bookies
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