At first, I had no idea what I was doing, but then I begin to develop my own handicapping methods, slowly built a bankroll and learned more about betting markets and pricing. Soon enough, I was a profitable NFL bettor.

Online football betting - guide to nfl betting sportsbooks Sportsbooks on the Super

My path to online betting the NFL is probably much like other bettors. I bet with a local that my friends set me up with before I realized I could take my action online. There, I discovered deposit bonuses, live betting, and much more competitive odds and a massive list of markets. It was a whole different world from the betting experience I was most familiar with in young betting career.

While the first online sports bet was placed in January of 1996, the online betting industry took several years to become a powerhouse. But, within a few years, bettors could instantly deposit into an online sportsbook and place a wager within seconds. This changed everything instantly across a global scale and affected bettors and bookmakers from all over the world.

Even today, the packed Las Vegas sportsbooks that are filled every Sunday and Monday Night are a fraction of the amount wagered across internet sportsbooks. For instance, the amount wagered at Las Vegas Sportsbooks on the Super Bowl in 2012 was just under $93.9 million. An impressive sum, right? To most, certainly. To those that understand NFL betting markets? Not so much.

While that sum of money is impressive for a state with a resident population of just over 2.6 million people, it is a paltry sum compared to the amount wagered on the game by the thousands of sportsbook operating across the world. We can even go further and count all bookies outside of Nevada which operate illegally. These numbers add up at least several billion.

Online football betting - guide to nfl betting sportsbooks bankroll and

While Nevada is key to help set the lines each week for the NFL’s biggest games, the amount wagered is actually quite small compared to the global market.


How To Bet On Football: A Beginners Guide To Sports Gambling


Online football betting – guide to nfl betting sportsbooks
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