Ladbrokes Coral and Playtech have long been collaborating on various projects intended to offer an appropriate experience to casino users. They have worked on a number of games, introduced the omnichannel experience, and are now adding to their vast portfolio, with one of many flourishes to follow by creating the Live Casino bet slip.

Ladbrokes Coral and Playtech go back a long way. The pair has worked together in 2017 to introduce a Cheltenham Festival-themed Roulette, which was a hit with gamers and paved the way for future collaborations. Earlier this year the developers from Playtech finalized the omnichannel rollout for Ladbrokes Coral, successfully accomplishing another major project.

Now, the duo is moving onto new undertakings, still walking the line together. Playtech and has unveiled a bet slip withing Ladbrokes Coral Live Casino, giving gamers the free rein over how to allocate their bets on sports while still focused on the action before them.

Ladbrokes coral, playtech introduce live casino bet slip gamers the free rein

The Bet Slip Arrives

All gamers will be offered opportunities to follow through with detailed statistics reflecting live odds. In turn, all participants will be able to take a wager on sports games as well. The commentary will be provided by well-trained sports dealers.

The slip solution will empower sports fans with a proclivity for the iGaming industry to keep abreast with the latest developments in their favorite games. Right now, the 2018 FIFA World Cup seems like the aptest event where the bet slip will be tested.

The feature will be found in the casino suite, but it will have a strong focus on sports. It will run 24/7 and have Roulettes, which will be manned by the dedicated sports dealers. In addition, a video wall will also help gamers stay up to date with events by providing insightful match statistics and playing the most notable games.

Conversion Rate is King

Casinos have long been trying to bridge the gaps between all forms of gambling & wagering. Perhaps, this trend has been more palpable with sports betting where the push for DFS conversions of Millennials has been quite notable.

Ladbrokes coral, playtech introduce live casino bet slip In turn, all participants will

All speculations aside, the recently-acquired Ladbrokes Coral and Playtech have broached a new topic in the industry. The two companies are now effectively bringing together two segments that have been seen as opposing and generally attracting a different set of people.

The omnichannel experience that Playtech has been working on for years, however, suggests that all iGaming solutions will become more inclusive and allow for smooth transition between segments. The omni-channel wallet has been a simple example of the crossover between sports betting and online casinos.

Playtech’s Bet Slip is one of the most innovative solutions that clearly shows the direction the whole industry is headed for. Without making much of a fuss, Playtech has now finished the integration of its omnichannel offer. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no room to build upon what is already up for grabs.

The next logical steps in the development of the online casino industry are VR and AG, which we all expect, will be arriving shortly.

Ladbrokes coral, playtech introduce live casino bet slip the recently-acquired


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Ladbrokes coral, playtech introduce live casino bet slip
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