US Open Golf, or US Open, as it’s sometimes known, is one of the four major men’s golf championships. Founded in 1895, the championship is held, every year in June, in the United States, by the United States Golf Association. The US Open tournament is part of two tours, one named the European Tour, and the other the PGA Tour.
When the tournament began, British players had the upper hand, dominating the game; around 1911 though, 16 years later, local players, from the United States, started winning back the championship. When it comes to qualifying to the tournament, previous winners from different championships have a direct pass, otherwise known as an exemption, to the US Open tournament itself.

In a large number of sports, as time has passed, people have created somewhat of a tradition to bet for or against players participating in tournaments. In the US Open tournament, these bets are referred to as US OPEN GOLF BETTING. These bets, as stated above, give people the opportunity to win a large amount of money, or, if the player they bet on loses, lose a large amount of money.

US Open 2018 Tournament

This year, just like every other year, the tournament was held in June. For the 118th time, the tournament was a success, held from June 14th through June 17th, the tournament was hosted, for the fifth time, at Shinnecock Hills, New York. The total length of the tournament’s field consisted of 7,445 yards, offering a $12 million USD reward to the winner. For the second year in a row, out of 156 players on the field, Brooks Koepka was the 2018 tournament winner. As runner-up came Tommy Fleetwood, from England, and in third place, from the US, Dustin Johnson.

2019 Predictions

The 2019 Open Golf tournament will be held in the course “Pebble Beach Golf Links”, starting on June 13th, and finishing on June 16th. The prize money for this tournament will be the same as the last years, $12 million USD. According to the players’ odds, the player with the highest chance of winning is Jordan Spieth, an American player. Spieth won the Masters Tournament in 2015 and, that same year came as runner-up in the PGA Championship.

Us open golf betting – the soccer loving ladies to as US

US Open, like many sports tournaments, is a healthy, rivaling tournament, getting together golf players from all around the globe to play their best game for a whopping $12 million USD reward. Even with Spieth having the highest chance of winning, any one of the players participating in the tournament could surprise fans and judges, taking first place in the tournament. Betting for this tournament, like for all past championships, is going to be intense. Many bets are going to be placed on Spieth, but only time and effort will decide the lucky winner.


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Us open golf betting – the soccer loving ladies
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