Bookmaker is one of the most popular online sports betting sites online currently. They are one of very few sites who take the big bets, routinely taking bets of $5,000 the same way most sportsbooks take $100 bets. Bookmaker even offers players the opportunity to call and place bets up to $50,000 (or even more if the player requests it).

2019 Update real sportsbook review new to online

The thing Bookmaker does best in my opinion is not JUST set it up for the professionals bettors; they also offer $1 bets as well, mainly for those new to online sports betting or who just do it for fun. Bookmaker maximizes their traffic this way, and has an excellent layout on their site as well. On top of all of that, Bookmaker also offers a $5 million guarantee for their poker side of things as an added bonus for sports betters.

Types Of Bets Offered

Bookmaker offers you quite a few cool options for their types of bets, including live betting and halftime betting which some sites don’t offer. They also offer you halftime betting to go with the regular lines before the game. Bookmaker does focus a lot more on “current events”; as in, whichever sports is going on at the current time will be the sport they focus the most on (which is a good way to go about it). The normal types of bets bookmaker offers are: Parlays, Money Lines, Straight Bets, Points Spread, Teasers, Pleasers, Over/Unders, Prop Bets, Future Bets, If Bets, and Reverse Bets.

Betting Limits

If you ask any professional sports bettors where they play, the chances are that they will tell you that they use This is because they offer the highest limits of any offshore sportsbook. Bettors can bet as much as $40,000 per contest, which is 20 times the maximum bet that many other sports betting outlets offer.

2019 Update real sportsbook review Bookmaker even offers

Just as important is the fact that Bookmaker will never chop players’ limits when they are winning. The majority of sports betting websites will start to limit the amount of money players can bet on games after they win a certain amount. This is patently unfair, and the fact that Bookmaker is one of the few books not to engage in this practice makes them one of the standouts in the industry.

2019 Bonus Codes And Promotions

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2019 Update real sportsbook review
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