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Last year I successfully used sports arbitrage and made a nice amount of money, not enough to live on but I got a few thousand from it.
I do not think you can stake enough to make a good living from arbitrage and I find software like rebel betting too expensive to justify the monthly cost. Before I continue due to changes in my working hours I can not watch the UK markets to bet so often… that is how I found this site.

I made most money on horse racing, I never bet in-play and most bets were placed about 5 to 10 minutes to the off. To ensure I get my odds I usually have 2 internet windows open, an odds calculator in excel and a spreadsheet to record my actions. I would enter the stake into the bookies and lay into betfair, confirm at befair then place the bet at the bookies. If the odds had changed I would just cancel both bets.
I made money on other sports also but not as much. My stakes: On the horses I would bet £10 to £20 (lay of up to about £200), but with so many horse races per day I did well and could make £50 or so in around 3 hours.
In a football match for example I would bet around £100 at the bookies and always rounded up or down as I did not always lay it off, I sometimes used other bookies.

I did use some higher stakes on some occasions and I did and still do draw money from my bookies accounts without problems. I deposit money with them too, which helps to keep them open I think. I keep £2000 spread over 11 accounts. I never keep more than £200 in a bookie account and withdraw to a bank account with a card attached so I can place extra into any account should I need extra funds. As I win more I will have more money over these accounts, but will stick to my same rules of £200 in a bookies account and no more than £100 stakes, with less on quicker sports like greyhounds or horse racing. That way I feel I am under the radar and shouldn’t get an account closed.

Arbitrage betting - fact or fiction? the UK markets

Sport arbitrage is not for everybody, nor is it something you should use to make a living. I do not see it as work and do not mind sat doing it for a few hours to make around £2-300 a week, sometimes I earned less. I’ll not go into how I do it as it does seem harder these days as it used to be, the odds are grabbed very quickly so I miss a lot more arb’s than I used to.
I sometimes make mistakes and have lost the odd hundred here and there but over all I am in profit.

I hope this helps give some of you an overview of arbitrage, though I am sure others who try and bet more, will have a totally different outlook and no doubt have complaints of closed accounts.
I just think that in this business you can not be too greedy, as the bookies will always win if you let them, the odds are always in their favour.


Arbitrage betting - fact or fiction? continue due to changes


Resourse: http://bettingsystemtruths.com/arbitrage-betting-fact-or-fiction/

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Arbitrage betting – fact or fiction?
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