There are many additional benefits and services which will become available to you if you choose to use an Android betting site, and to give you a deeper insight into what exactly these benefits are, we have listed them all below for you.

Up to Date Odds – The Android betting platforms which you will be using at all of our featured Android Sports betting and bookmaking sites are directly connected to the in-house traders of that particular site. Because of this will instantly be able to view and take the current live odds.

However as with all betting events, you will be able to take earlier prices when offered and plenty of our Android betting sites also offer best odds guarantees. This means should you take a price and the odds become greater on your chosen bet then you will get the best odds should your wager be a winning one.

Live In Play Betting – Being able to bet on any sporting fixture or event is now possible thanks to the in play betting opportunities which exist and are available on all Android betting platforms. This means that players are able to get in on the betting action and possible hedge your bets and wagers made before the event got under way via the in-play betting propositions can often guarantee a winning return.

Live Video Streaming – Another of the major benefits of using an Android betting service is that you will not only be able to place a wager on any sporting event, but in many cases you will also be able to watch that event playing out via the live streaming service offered by many bookmakers and sports betting sites.

These live video streams are usually only viewable by signed up customers of any particular betting site offering them. It can often pay dividends for you to become a new customer of as many Android betting sites as you can to guarantee that you can watch and utilize these live video streams when you are out and out!

Additional Bonus Possibilities – Ever eager to get you to become a loyal customer, many online Android betting sites will give you a bonus or special promotional deal when you start using their Android betting platform. Occasionally you may also benefit from an extra bonus even if you already hold an online account with that betting site.

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So make sure you checkout the respective Android betting site to see if you do indeed qualify for these extra bonuses and promotional offers, as they can give you plenty of value from your gaming budget.

Types Of Android Bets

You are going to be able to place a myriad of different types of bets and wagers when using an Android betting App, in fact every possible type of wager you can place via an online betting site or even in a land based betting office can be placed via this new betting medium.

Android betting as they can give

The most popular types of wagers and the easiest to place are the to win type bets, commonly known as single wagers. When placing these types of wagers all you need to do is to pick the name of the horse, greyhound, team or competitor of any sporting event or fixture and choose a stake, and should that named person, horse, team or dog win then your wager is a winning one.

You will also be able to take prices when using an Android betting platform, so if you like the current priced betting opportunity then you can lock in that price by taking it. However some sporting events such as horse and greyhound races will give you the option of having your wagers settled at the announced starting prices, which could be greater or lower than the odds offered.

You will also be able to place more than one betting opportunity in multiple type wagers such as doubles, trebles and accumulator types bets and as such if you fancy aiming for a large winning payout then group as many of your selections together as you like.

Value and Bonus Android Bets

All of our featured and showcased Android betting sites will offer you a range of bonus type bets and consolation betting opportunities, and this means you can often get your stake returned should your chosen bet lose, or if a range of things happens during the sporting event.

One example of these types of Android bonus bets is when you pick a soccer team to win, and try and predict the correct score for that soccer match. If your wager is not a winning one, but a certain player scores a goal for example, then your wagered amount will be returned. BetVictor are usually good for these offers.

There are a huge number of these consolation type wagering opportunities offered by all of the leading Android betting sites, so it can often pay for you to shop around for the best daily deals and betting offers!

New customers of any Android betting site will of course have instant access to a range of special initial bonuses and promotions, and this is another way of getting your Android betting adventure off to a flying start, so once again have a good look around our site as there are some huge welcome offers available by all listed sites.


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