Sports such as football and basketball often have similar betting options, but the hole-by-hole format of golf opens up a world of exciting new possibilities for bettors. While these wagers are sure to differ from one sportsbook to another, they comprise the most popular golf betting options.

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  • Outright Winner:
    All participants in an event are listed, and it’s up to the bettor to choose the tournament winners. Money line odds are often used, which means a player is given a number with either a plus or minus sign in front of it. If it’s a plus sign, then the player is considered an underdog and their number indicates how much money the bettor can win with a $100 wager. If it’s a negative sign, the player is a favorite and the number is how much must be wagered in order to win $100.
  • Golf Futures:
    This form of wager is similar to the outright winner option, but it’s often offered months in advance. This bet can be placed until the tournament begins, but odds may change as the event date gets closer.
  • Top 10 Finish:
    Similar to the outright winner wager, except the bettor receives a payout if his chosen player finishes in the top 10. Other versions of this wager exist for a top 5 finish and the first round leader.
  • Prop Bets:
    The bettor tries to correctly predict a specific outcome. Examples include the number of strokes required to win the tournament and the European player with the best final score.
  • Matchups:
    Two players in a tournament are matched up against one another, and the bettor must predict who’ll finish with the better score. This match-up can take place over 18 holes, 72 holes, and some other variation.
  • Group Play:
    The oddsmaker lists assorted golfers who aren’t playing together in a group, and the bettor tries to predict which one will have the best score at the end of the designated number of holes.
  • 3 Ball Betting:
    In the first couple of days during tournaments, golfers play in groups of three. In 3 Ball Betting, the gambler must choose the group player with the lowest score after a certain number of holes (usually 18).
  • 2 Ball Betting:
    Later in tournaments, players hit the course in groups of two. This wager challenges the bettor to choose which group member will finish with the better score.

Advice for Betting on Golf

Before you start your career in golf betting, be sure to spend some time learning the ropes. While this list isn’t complete, it provides some solid advice for beginning and intermediate bettors.

  • Know the Courses:
    Each course is different, so it pays to learn as much about them as possible. Most courses have their own websites, so you really have no excuse.
  • Know the Strengths of Players:
    Some players can drive the ball a long distance, while others excel on the green. Once you’ve learned a player’s strengths and weaknesses, you can compare it to the course to try and predict their performance.
  • Study the Stats:
    There are tons of stats to analyze, including driving accuracy, putting average, and scrambling. You’d be wise to learn them all.
  • Watch the Skies:
    Weather, especially wind speed, can play a major factor. Once you know the weather forecast, you can compare it to the strengths of players to see who should excel under those conditions.


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Best golf betting sites in 2019 – our top rankings
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