There is no end to amount of research you can do to try to find different angles or systems to bet on the NBA. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular NBA betting systems and hopefully give you some ideas on finding some of your own. The first couple of systems we’ve listed are just a jumping off point. They are a great start to finding great winning angles throughout the NBA season. We’ve listed a couple of our most simple and logical NBA systems that you can choose to follow or use as inspiration to seek out even more winning systems.

Play on Rested Teams vs Teams on No Rest

With the length of the NBA season and all of the travel involved there are bound to be some favorable matchups for teams who have had a day or two of rest playing teams who are playing in back-to-back games. NBA players are some of the best athletes in the world, so don’t expect this to take effect immediately. Look for games after the first quarter of the season when guys are going to start to wear down a little.

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<h3>Play Against Teams Playing Four Games in Five Days</h3>
<p>Sticking with the rest theme, look to play against a team on their fourth game in five days.  Some teams get hit with this more often than others on their schedule and those are the teams that you should target, especially later in the season.</p>
<h3>Play on Teams as a Road Favorite After a Blowout Loss</h3>
<p>The logic here is pretty simple.  You have a team who just got beaten badly who is still considered good enough to be favored on the road.  Not only are these typically going to be good teams they are going to be motivated after getting blown out.  Teams in this situation (getting blown out by 15 or more points) are 126-71-3 (64%) against the spread since 2006.</p>
<h3>Play on Home Underdogs of More Than Ten Points</h3>
<p>Home dogs of over ten points in the NBA have traditionally been a very good bet.  Teams in this situation are more likely to rise to the occasion and play up to their competition.  While these teams very rarely end up winning the game outright (only about 15% of the time) they have covered the point spread a whopping 58.3% of the time (134-96-2) since 1995.</p>
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4 Winning nba betting systems you shouldn’t ignore
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