However, because arbitrage betting is almost like a glitch in the Matrix of bookmakers, it is expected that it would have a few pitfalls. These include stake limitation, account closure, bet cancellation and illusiveness.

Stake Limitation

Most bookmakers have a limit when it comes to stakes. This does not apply to betting exchanges, but if your stake is too high it might remain unmatched by others.

Account Closure

When a bookmaker catches you on their radar as an arber then it is only a matter of time before they close your account. Some bookmakers claim to never close customer’s accounts, but you can count those on one hand.

Bet Cancellation

If an easily noticeable mistake has been made with odds, the bookmaker will soon notice it and your bet will be cancelled. This will leave you exposed on one half of your bet and you will be biting your nails for the remaining bet to come to fruition, which is definitely not the point of arbing.

Arbitrage betting - how to do matched betting with cricket need to be

Highly Illusive

Bookmakers always try to assess the risk of being exposed by arbers and arbitrage opportunities are becoming more difficult to exploit every day. A lot of arbers use arbitrage software to help them find favourable margins, but these pieces of software are often pricy themselves.

In addition, arbitrage betting is really complicated and you need to be able to cover a lot of bookmakers’ offers. This takes a lot of time and energy and for many people it is similar to a full time job.

The Bottom Line

An arber must be diligent, composed and patient. Favourable margins are difficult to come across and when you do manage to find one it will usually yield small profits.

However, the fact that people don’t even consider arbing as a type of gambling says a lot. It’s a risk free method most of the time and almost always there is a constant return on investment.


Arbitrage betting – how to do matched betting with cricket
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