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The Vegas bet sets up matches between the players as members of different teams. For example, in a foursome Vegas bet, golfer one and two will play against golfers three and four for six holes. For the next six holes, golfers one and three would play against golfers two and four. The final six holes would be golfers one and four against golfers two and three.

The team with the lowest score, wins the hole, and in case of a tie, the next highest score from each team is used to determine if there is a winning team or if the hole is tied. In the case of a win, the wager is equal to the amount entered into the Vegas wager amount of the Golf Accountant times the difference in scores. For example, if the winning teams scores for the hole were 4 and 5, their Vegas “score” would be 45. If the losing team scores were 5 and 6, then their Vegas team “score” would be 56. The losing team would owe the winning team the difference in score times the wager amount. The players on the losing team would owe each player on the winning team 11 times the wager amount (56-45=11). This wager is commonly measured in pennies per point as it can be substantial over 18 holes.

In the case of a threesome, the Golf Accountant will match two players against the third player whose score will count twice. Golfers one and two against golfer three for the first six holes, golfers one and three against two for the next six holes, and finally golfers two and three against golfer one for the last six holes.

In a twosome, both golfers scores are counted twice.​


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