Moneyline Wagering: The Moneyline is a simple straight bet. You are simply betting on one team to beat the other. Overtime counts. In the example above, if you wagered $100 on the Brooklyn Nets you would win $132 should they win the game. For the Cleveland Cavaliers you would need to wager $156 to win $100 should they win the game.

Spread Wagering: Spread Wagering is a straight wager on the point spread. When making a spread bet, the team you wager on must cover/beat the point spread. This means that the favored team must win by more than the outlined number of points or the underdog will receive that number of points as a head start. In the above example, if you wager on the Brooklyn Nets +3, they need to lose by less than 3 points for this to be a winner. Should they lose by exactly 3 points, this wager would be considered a "push" and your stake would be refunded. If you wager on the Cleveland Cavaliers -3, they need to win by over 4 points. Should they win by exactly 3 points, this wager would be considered a "push" and your stake would be refunded. Overtime counts. For both of these selections, you would need to wager $110 to win $100.

Total Points Wagering: For this market, you are wagering on the combined total number of points at the end of the whole game. In the above example, if you wager on Ov 228.5, the game needs to end in a combined total of 229 points or more. If you wager on Un 228.5, the game needs to end in a combined total of 228 points or less. Overtime counts.

Quarter and Half Markets: There is the ability to wager on a point spread or total for only the first or second half of a game as well as each separate quarter. A first half wager is determined by the score at halftime of the game. A halftime wager, for betting purposes, resets the score of a game to 0-0 at halftime of a game. For example, if you wager a spread bet on the Brooklyn Nets -3.5 in the second half, the Nets must win the second half by 4 points or more. First half points will not be included in this market. Similarly, if you were to wager on the Nets -3.5 in the first half, they would need to win by 4 or more points in the first half only. Second half points would not be included. Overtime counts for these markets, so second half and final quarter markets include overtime.

Basketball Teasers: In Basketball, we offer 4, 4.5 and 5 point teasers. Basketball Teasers are available on both NBA and College Basketball.

Basketball Teasers work the same way as Football Teasers, adding points to the underdog’s spread and subtracting points from the favorite’s.

A minimum of two teams must be selected for a valid teaser and all selections must cover the spread for the teaser to win.

E.g. If a player was to place a 5 point 2 team teaser on Golden State -9.5 and the Brooklyn Nets +4.5 then 5 points would be subtracted from Golden State’s spread and added to the Brooklyn Nets’ spread. The new spreads the player would need both to cover in order to win the wager would be Golden State -4.5 and Brooklyn +9.5.

In the event of one or more legs being a push that leg(s) is discounted from the wager and if the other legs cover their spreads the teaser will pay accordingly e.g. if you have a NBA three team six point teaser and one leg pushes and the others cover then the teaser will be paid out as a two team teaser.

In the event of a push on one leg in a two team teaser, two legs in a three team teaser etc. with the single leg covering then the teaser is considered a push and stakes are refunded.

Basketball Parlays: A Parlay is a wager which combines several teams into a single bet. You can choose a 2 team parlay up to a 16 team parlay. In the below example, you are wagering a 3 Team Parlay. For this wager to be a winner, all 3 selections must be successful. Should all 3 win, a $100 wager would win you $1516.27

First Basket Markets: Resulted on the first score of the game, inclusive of free throws, as per official NBA box score. Should a player listed not start the game, all bets on the player selected will be void (otherwise betting is all-in). In the event of a tie at the end of the first quarter, First Basket / First Quarter double bets are resulted as a loss.

The First Team Basket: Scorer will be resulted on the first scorer from each team; Should a player listed not start the game, all bets on the player selected will be void (otherwise betting is all-in).

Basketball betting – fanduel sportsbook they would need to

Wire To Wire Betting: These markets are offered for a given team to be leading a game at the end of each quarter of that game. Provided the selected team leads at the end of each quarter, the relevant bet will be successful even if, during any such quarter, the selected team temporarily ceases to lead the scoring. ‘Any Other Selection’ will be deemed the winner if either team does not lead the game after each quarter.

General Rules:

  • All settlements are based on results and statistics provided by the relevant
    league’s governing body.
  • For settlement purposes, the team listed second in the event name is considered
    the Home Team, even if the game takes place at a neutral venue. Example:
    “Team A v Team B” or “Team A @ Team B” – Team B is the Home Team.
  • Should a game be called with more than 5 minutes to play, all bets will be void
    unless specific markets results have already been predetermined.
  • If a match does not start on the scheduled start date and is not completed within
    24 hours of the scheduled start time, all bets will be void except for those on
    markets which have been unconditionally determined.
  • The void rule applies for all markets where a draw/tie price is not offered.
  • Overtime counts for all markets unless otherwise stated.All outright markets, unless otherwise stated, include playoffs. Any official
    governing organization tie-breaks where applicable are included in settlement.

For a full list of all other terms and conditions regarding Basketball, please visit:

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Basketball betting – fanduel sportsbook
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