There are already some great bonuses that are being offered at the Hollywood Casino Resort and with the new sportsbook open, we imagine players will soon be able to benefit from sportsbook bonuses and promotions. With horse racing bonuses, players can earn free cash that can be used on wagers, increasing their chances to win. It is not known what specific bonuses will be available to sports bettors at Penn National, but members can be sure there will be some exceptional offers soon.

In addition to horse racing bonuses, bettors can benefit from loyalty programs that award points as wagers are placed. These points can then be redeemed for free cash or free bets, so there are many ways to take advantage of promos and bonuses that are featured.

Betting on Horses at Penn National Race Course

The race track located at Hollywood Casino at Penn National is one of the top tracks in the state of PA and is a one-mile track that features thoroughbred racing. The track operates 24 hours a day and to add to the betting excitement, there is also an amazing casino floor that offers almost 100,000 square feet of gaming machines along with table and poker games.

At Hollywood Casino, those who love the thrills of horse racing will benefit from some great betting options. There is a Daily Double offered on the 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 10th races along with Exacta bets on all races, Superfecta on the last race, Trifectas, and Twin Trifecta.

At this track, one can watch live racing and can also enjoy simulcast racing. One of the exciting things is that once the license is approved for Hollywood Casino at Penn National, one will be able to engage in mobile betting, where they can easily place their wagers without having to visit a betting window. With hundreds of bets that can be placed and super odds, betting on horse racing is about to become even more exciting for fans of thoroughbred racing.

Penn National bet types:

  • Daily Doubles
  • Exacta bets
  • Superfecta
  • Trifectas
  • Twin trifecta

Online horse racing bookie

Online racing has become a popular way for punters to engage in betting action and as soon as the Penn National sports betting book opens and is operating, it is quite possible that will be followed with a form of online betting. We hope that the Penn National Racing Sportsbook will offer an online and mobile platform. With this, anyone that is using a mobile device will be able to access an account and place a variety of wagers for their chance to win without even having to visit the physical racetrack. Online and mobile platforms will also support live streaming, so one can watch a race as it happens.

Mobile and online betting have become the preferred ways for fans of racing to bet on races that are held all over the world. Along with hundreds of betting options, bettors will also be able to benefit from online bonuses and special promotions that are not featured at the physical track. There are a number of advantages to being able to bet online and we believe Hollywood Casino at Penn National will soon be offering these online betting options so that members can always have access to top-rated races and have the ability to generate some stellar payouts while at home or on the go.

Thoroughbred vs Harness Racing

Thoroughbred racing Harness racing
Jockey rides horse ‘normally’ Sulky (or cart) that holds the jockey is attached to a horse via a harness
Race speed at run or gallop Race speed at trot or pace
Track conditions vary Track conditions vary
Race distances range from 4 furlongs to 1.5 miles Race distance usually one mile

When it comes to horse racing, there are two main types of racing, Thoroughbred and Harness. There are some major differences between these two and anyone who wishes to start betting on horse racing events should be aware of these differences.

With Harness Racing, a sulky will be used, which is a cart that is attached to the horse via a harness. During Harness raced, the horses are able to trot or pace at any time during the race. Pacing is a bit faster than trotting, however, with both, there is a chance the horse will begin to gallop. If this happens, the horse has to be slowed down by the jockey to avoid being disqualified. The distance of Harness Races is typically one mile and the race will begin with horses behind a motorized gate.

Thoroughbred Racing is one of the exciting forms of racing and the jockey will be riding the horse during the race. All horses can maintain a run and gallop and the races can take place on a variety of surfaces that can affect the performance of the horse, so there are a number of things to consider when betting, including racetrack conditions. The distance of Thoroughbred races can vary and will range from 4 furlongs to 1.5 miles.

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