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Integrity and fairness are not only important, but required in today’s day-and-age. Stakers proclaims that it is committed to ensuring that no integrity or fairness is forfeited in its system, and it claims to be dedicated to complying with all regulatory requirements within the jurisdictions where it operates. Stakers says that it has official certifications from the Malta Gaming Authority, Accreda, iTechlabs, Blackfoot and a number of other authorities and regulatory bureaus, and is focused on responsible gaming and providing fair play with a reasonable chance of winning in a safe, secure online sports betting environment.

Evolution of online sports betting experience — stakers to regulate gambling

There is no denying the prevalence of gambling and how it consistently enhances one’s interest in any particular game, even when there is no affiliation whatsoever to the teams playing. Online betting on sports has become not only a cause for enjoying an otherwise meaningless game, but also a common topic of conversation among friends. However, Stakers is cognizant of the problems that can result from problem gambling and it stipulates that one of its most important goals is to offer a place for gaming and betting that is as safe as it is entertaining. As such, it has developed best industry practices to curb problem gambling as best as it possibly can, including mechanisms to curb underage gambling and doing whatever it may to provide a secure sports betting environment to its customers.

Evolution of online sports betting experience — stakers are not only important, but

Sports betting should be a form of entertainment, and entertainment only. Stakers says it doesn’t expect nor want people to use its services as a form of guaranteed income and that all players should know that they are taking a risk with their money whenever they participate in any form of sports betting. It is vital that consumers understand that they are just as likely to lose as win in any given event.

Evolution of online sports betting experience — stakers cause for enjoying an otherwise

As such, Stakers always seeks to reiterate that the urge to gamble should be set aside unless discretionary monies are being used to wager. Compulsive gambling is a serious issue and no one wants to see people spending money without a realization of the risks involved. As such, Stalkers says it has put in place assistance procedures that allow players to place limits and lock accounts entirely to regulate gambling activity on its site.


Evolution of online sports betting experience — stakers
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