Football BetsOne of the most popular sports from spectators and bettors point of view is soccer. With the many soccer leagues that run all over the world, and international soccer followed all year round, there are always some exciting games You can wager some money on.

Before You get into action of actually placing real money on the line, it is important to fully understand what options You have. We are referring to both, types of sports bets as well as different sportsbooks that You can choose from. Choosing the right betting site is just as important for sports betting as for casino play, check out some recommendations at for example.

1×2 Betting

Even though bettors have a lot of betting options, most of the money has always gone to 1×2 bets. While it might sound complicated, this is actually the simplest form of a wager in soccer. You either bet on the home team to win, a tie or the away team to win. It’s that simple, which is exactly the reason why as much as 70% of all bets on a single match are placed on 1×2.

Spread Betting

Although spread betting is overwhelmingly more popular in United States, where soccer is not THAT big of a deal, it’s starting to catch up in the international betting community too. Betting the spread is a little more complicated at first, but once You get used to it, it’s not really a big deal. Lets imagine that a bookmaker sets spread at 5 points. Now You have two options to choose from:

The Underdog – you’ll win if the underdogs score plus the spread totals to a higher point score than the favorite.

The Favorite – you’ll win if the favorites score minus the spread totals to a higher amount than the total points underdog scored.

Is This Safe?

Betting on soccer online is as safe as You want it to be. It all depends on the sportsbook You choose to sign up and deposit money at. Follow our suggestions on this page to have a safe and pleasant betting experience.

Most Popular Soccer Leagues

English Premier League

English Premier League is considered as the best (strongest) domestic soccer league in the world, with highest number of spectators both on TV and live following the games religiously. The good thing about EPL is that all games are played during weekends, so if You’re busy with other things during the workweek, betting and watching games of this league might just be a perfect fit.

La Liga

La Liga is known as one of the strongest and most prestigious leagues in European soccer sphere. Super-clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico De Madrid and others compete for the chance and glory of calling themselves champions of Spain. Similarly as in other countries, top teams get a chance to play in international competitions while teams finishing in the last spots have to fight for a chance to play in this league next year.

German Bundesliga

18 German teams compete for the title of national champions every year, with the top teams getting a chance to participate in Champions and Europa leagues. Teams finishing in the bottom two spots fight for survival and their spot in Bundesliga every year, playing relegation matches against winner of lower tier leagues in the country. Most of the games happen during the weekends with a few happening in the week days.

Champion’s League

The UEFA Champion’s League, simply known as the Champions league, is an annual competition organized by European Football Association. This is one of the most prestigious competitions all over the world with only the very best clubs from England, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, France and Turkey competing for what’s considered the most valuable trophy in the club soccer world.

Best Betting Sites


This is by far the best option for bettors located in the United States. Bovada is a subsidiary of the notorious Bodog Group, set up specifically to serve US players. Take advantage of the best betting odds and quickest withdrawal processing offered by any US facing online gambling site.


Bet365 are market leaders with over 6 million registered users who enjoy their offerings. We recommend this betting site due to their stellar reputation and a ridiculous (in a good way) amount of soccer betting markets. Odds are available for literally every professional soccer league in the world.


Guide to betting soccer online
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