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**Note – the following article was
originally published by Dave Compton back in
the mid 90’s. I met Dave through a website
he used to run where he offered his football
selections each week. Since starting
Bettorsworld back in the mid 90’s, I have
had the good fortune of getting to know
several extremely sharp sports bettors and
others who make their living off the outcome
of games, one way or another. Many have
contributed to my sports betting education,
but Dave would be right at the very top of
that list. Thank You Dave!

Gamblers "Attitude"

I STILL get a TON of correspondence from many "real gamblers" who have been on
this service for a long time AND also from many internet and other amateur guys
who would LIKE to be more like their professional brethren.

I have written here many times about the frustrations I have felt in dealing
with the great majority of internet numb-nuts who think they know all there is
about football betting and sports wagering in general. Of the THOUSANDS of net
people I have corresponded with since putting up this website, there are less
than THIRTY people who I believe have the wherewithal and discipline to "make
it" long term in sports betting.

Gamblers attitude - real professional gamblers who really can

So what’s the deal?Why can’t the general internet guy (or the public as a whole
for that matter) get a grasp of sports betting?
Well, I have finally been able to distill this into a one word description of
the difference in the guys who really can DO IT and the flakes who think betting
sports for a living is "easy" and if they only had the time and the bankroll,
they’d go out there and really show those guys how to contend for the big bucks
(or at least a living wage).


The real pro doesn’t think ANYBODY owes him ANYTHING! He EARNS and SWEATS every
dime he makes and NEVER blames anyone but himself for a loss.

The wannabe’s ALL think they are OWED something and somewhere they’ve been dealt
a poor hand by life, marriage, the IRS, the government etc.etc.etc.
The pro believes (and rightly so) that HE and HE alone is in control of his own
good fortune and "luck".

The wannabe thinks that gambling might remedy those injustices that life has so
cruelly visited upon him. After all, things have to balance out in life don’t
The pro totally understands that there is nothing FAIR about life or living and
he accepts and OVERCOMES that unfairness by his own mental toughness and wit.
The wannabe just CANNOT overcome that gnawing gut feeling that he has been
"screwed" by life and he will NEVER have the confidence to conquer his rightous
fear of failure.

The professional has INCREDIBLE discipline and patience and a remarkable
(developed) ability to pick the spots where HE believes that HE truly has the
edge over the book.

The wannabe has little patience and even less regard for his own money. He may
be an excellent handicapper but he has NO CONCEPTof real money management or
true discipline with his betting. He is destined to remain a $100 to $500 bettor
FOREVER (unless he inherits some MORE money he can blow).

Here’s the biggie:
The pro doesn’t need the ego boost of boasting about his picks, his money or his
big scores. He retains his anonymity and obscurity and EARNS his self esteem by

The wannabe’s NEVER stop spouting about their great picks and their super scores
and ALWAYS have a running narration about their big win last weekend OR how they
were screwed by the refs or the weather or the coaches etc.etc.

That’s why NONE of the people you see plastered all of the sports message boards
are really professional sports bettors. They are ALL pretenders.

These two disparate personalities that define the difference in the real
gamblers and the wannabe’s can be completely summed up in just one word_ _ _ _


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Gamblers attitude – real professional gamblers
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