1. The first thing you need to do prior to wagering on golf is finding an offshore sportsbook and signing up for an account. Before you open an online betting account, make sure you find out if they offer wagering on golf. Most of your respected sportsbooks will offer golf wagering but make sure they offer it on a weekly basis and for most of your tours.
  2. The next step is signing up at the offshore sportsbook. When you sign up with a sportsbook, the process is very easy. Usually, you can completely sign up for an account, make your deposit and be gambling in under 10 minutes.
  3. After you sign up, the next step is to deposit funds into your account so you will be rewarded with your new account bonuses and be able to wager in the same day.
  4. The final step is to simply log on and place your golf wagers. If you follow these simple and easy steps, you will be wagering on golf in less than 10 minutes!


Finding a sportsbook that is respected and reliable should be your main priority from the very beginning. In this day and age, there are as many great sportsbooks as their are sportsbooks with less integrity. That is why it is of utmost importance that you do your due diligence to find a reliable online sportsbook.

In addition to finding a sportsbook that is reliable and respected, you also have to look into the details with each sportsbook to make sure they offer more than just simple golf wagering. We have did part of that for you in listing our top four online sportsbooks that offer golf wagering.

  • Bovada – When it comes to the leaders in golf betting, no one is better than Bovada! With Bovada, you can not only wager on tournament winners, but you can also wager on numerous other styles of bets. With golf wagering, at most sportsbooks, you will find that they offer about 50 golfers that you can wager on and then allow you to bet on the field. At Bovada, they commonly have odds on every golfer in the tournament and some at very high odds that are advantageous to the bettor! Another very nice aspect of Bovada is they frequently have odds available to wager on, with not only PGA but also the European Tour and the LPGA.
  • WagerWeb – WagerWeb is another great option for wagering on golf. WagerWeb provides you with the ability to wager on golf in many ways and at various venues. One of the highlights of WagerWeb is their competitive Matchup Bets. You can bet golfer vs. golfer with odds or moneyline. If you like to wager on golf tournaments that are not as well known as the PGA, LPGA and European Tour, then WagerWeb is the option for you. They commonly have South African Golf Tournaments as well as the Japanese Tour.
  • MyBookie – If you are looking for the ability to wager on various other bets in addition to picking a winner, you should consider MyBookie. One of the top and most popular bets to wager on golf at MyBookie is the 1st Round Leader Bet and Top 5 Finishes Bet. These are great wagers for those that like to take a shot at picking the leaders after the first round, as well as finishing in the top 5.
  • Intertops – The final recommendation with golf wagering is Intertops. Intertops has been around for many years and knows how to keep clients happy. They routinely have a nice selection of golf matchups and are one of the few that offer live betting after the 2nd day of the golf tournaments.


Golf wagering is a little different than betting on football, baseball or basketball in the sense that with those other sports, you can parlay several plays to gain an advantage on odds but with golf, there is only one winner and your goal is to pick that winner! Below is a list of different types of bets that you can place on golf.

  • Outright Winner – These type of bets are who you think will win the golf tournament. They usually have odds associated with them and your return on investment is based on those odds.
  • Matchup Winner – Matchups are between two golfers and usually have either a stroke handicap or odds. You can usually play them both ways and your winnings are based on the odds for each.
  • First Round Leader Bets – These bets are based on who you think will be the tournament leader at the end of round 1.
  • Top 5 Finish Bets – These are exactly what they sound like. With these, you are not necessarily trying to find a winner, but rather a golfer that will hit in the top 5.


Golf odds and spreads usually come out on the Monday prior to the tournament. Odds makers usually wait until after they find out how each golfer did the week prior and also what golfers will be participating in that week’s tournament. You can also find future wagers that can be played for the larger major tournaments, and those odds can be found as early as 2-3 weeks ahead of the event.


Live Betting is a means of wagering during the event to sort of bet on a golfer that starts playing well, after the tournament has already started. For example, a golfer may play in round 1 early in the morning and there may be a windstorm during that time. If that golfer was one of your top golfers, he may now be at a disadvantage because he got caught playing in the storm. In situations like this, it benefits you to play that golfer with adjusted odds on Live Betting. Live Betting is available through many of the online sportsbooks and when used appropriately can help curb your losses.


When you first start wagering on golf, you will notice little things to look for that can help your gambling game. There are many aspects of the game of golf that need to be considered but many things remain the same at each course. It is highly recommended that you find a strategy that works for your style of gambling and you stick with it.

There are two real factors of golf that you should consider each and every tournament. These two factors are definitely the most important items you need to take into consideration when doing your research.

  1. Current Form – Current Form is how a golfer is playing at the point in time. Most experts will look at the last 5 golf tournaments and determine where they are finishing in the tournament. If Golfer A has played in 5 tournaments and has finished in 6th, 9th, 3rd, 2nd and 10th place and then Golfer B has finished in 27th, 39th, 74th, 23rd and 19th place, Golfer A would be in much better form. If a golfer is routinely missing cuts, you would best be advised to avoid playing that golfer.
  2. Course History – Course History is basically how a golfer does at the location he is playing at. Many golfers will play better at certain golf courses and terrible at others. There are many reasons for this but many experts will tell you to check course history mainly to see how the golfer plays at the particular golf course.


As we said earlier, betting of golf can be very tough but can also be very profitable for bettors. We have listed three advanced betting tips that we feel can help guide you to picking winners more often. These betting tips are based on experience and used by experts in the industry.

Golf betting guide 2019 tournament winners, but you
  1. Factor In Weather – Betting on golf is usually a last minute ordeal as many bettors wait as long as possible and as close as possible, to the tee off time to make their selections. Things change and various factors, such as weather, can affect the tournament therefore many bettors will wager at the last moment. It is highly recommended that you wait as long as possible so that you can factor in weather into your decision on wagering a golfer. Some golfers play great in bad weather and some golfers hate playing in bad weather. Find out who plays well in bad weather and use it to your advantage!
  2. Never Play Golfers Off Injury – Golfers that are recovering from injuries are more prone to withdraw from the tournament early and therefore, we recommend that you do not play golfers who have recently had a injury. Many golfers are under a sponsorship and are required to enter golf tournaments. That being said, just because they enter the tournament, does not mean they will play in the tournament. Many golfers will withdraw with injury from tournaments that they are required to by sponsorship, when they are not healthy.
  3. Use Course Factors – Each golf course is strategically designed with factors to benefit certain styles. Designers will use various grass on greens, fairways and hazards to cater to golf styles. You would not want to play a golfer that is a short ball striker on a golf course that measures in excess of 7500 yards and you would not want to use a golfer that can’t put at a golf course that uses fast greens like Augusta.


Over the past 10 years, betting on golf has increased drastically and now, people all over the world are placing wagers on golf tournaments. With odds sometimes being very heavy and favorable towards the gambler, many golf handicappers have began opening services that provide bettors with free plays and service/paid plays.

As with any service, be sure to do your due diligence and research a handicapper prior to using their plays. Golf can be one of the most complicated sports to wager on but it can also be the most profitable if played right. Therefore, you need to make sure you are getting picks from a reliable source that can provide you enough winners over the course of time to pay off the service.


Betting golf has never been so easy as it is nowadays as you can wager from the comfort of your own home, directly from your mobile devices. That means that you can either download an online sportsbook app or log on directly from your mobile device and wager directly from the device.

We have all had those moments when we were out with family or friends and unable to get to a computer so you can wager a few dollars on a golfer that is really playing hot! You scurry around trying to figure ways to wager on the golfer but get cut off because you don’t make it home in time to get your wager in.

With Mobile Betting, you no longer need to worry about making it home by a certain time or making sure you are near a computer. As long as you have your cellular phone or mobile device, you have access to your account and can wager anywhere, at anytime!


Golf is a sport that can be found year around. The bulk of the PGA season runs from October to September, with the FedExCup Championship ending around the third week in September. The European Tour usually starts around the first week of December and runs concurrent with the PGA Tour, ending around the third weekend in November. The major’s and the WGC Tournaments are held throughout the year on predetermined dates.

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There is really two major leagues that you can wager on with golf. The most well known golf league in the United States is called The PGA Tour. The PGA Tour events are held in the United States and consist of only men.

The second most well known golf leagues that you can bet on is the European Tour. The European Tour also consists of only men and is played mostly in Europe but they also schedule events in Asia, Africa and occasionally the United States.

There is a third league that you can wager on but most people consider it a combination of the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The World Golf Championships holds four tournaments each year and the best golfers in the world play in their tournaments due to the prize structure running very similar to the major championships.


The biggest events to bet on are the Men’s Major Golf Championships. Currently, there are four majors you can wager on throughout the year. The Masters Tournament is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia in April, on the weekend ending 2nd Sunday. The second major of the year is usually the US Open, which is held at various locations predetermined by the USGA. The US Open is held in the third week in June or Father’s Day Weekend (third Sunday of June).

The third major of the year is The Open Championship, which is held in July (whichever week contains the third Sunday in July), and is played at one of ten links style golf courses in the United Kingdom. The final major of the year is the PGA Championship, which is held on the third weekend in August, prior to Labor Day. The PGA Championship is held at various locations determined by the PGAA.

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