In today’s blog, we will be sharing a very in-depth interview with one of our sports betting clients who relocated from Canada to Costa Rica to bet on sports.

Read on to find out Ryan’s educated insights on:

  • How to get starting betting sports professionally, coming from a backgroud in financial trading
  • Why it’s important to move abroad for success in your sports betting or online gaming career
  • How you can bet on sports full time without physically living in Las Vegas
  • How using a relocation company like Sports Refugees or Poker Refugees is massively helpful
  • What he was most worried about when moving to a different country and how Poker Refugees resolved those concerns
  • In what ways will the sports betting industry evolve in the future and will it help or hurt pros?

Q: Where are you from and how did your career betting sports develop?


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Interview with pro sports bettor & sports refugees client, ryan turner
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