Selling betting picks or “tout picks” is a multi-hundred-million-dollar industry. “Beating the bookies is hard. Buy our picks, and you will start winning.” That’s the pitch. The pitch is far from the reality. Deadspin exposed Which was supposedly a place where they tracked picks “honestly” and all of their sports betting experts verified winners. It turns out that PreGame wasn’t winning. In fact, they were losing money in almost every sport they offered picks.

Those selling picks are not being honest with you about their skill or profitability when it comes to sports betting. There are many fundamental reasons why a high volume, successful sports bettor would not give away his secrets. Don’t pay for picks. We give out free picks daily with a focus on football betting picks. There are also many other options for different takes on games, such as sports betting forums or befriending other sharp bettors.

Football Betting Lines and Odds

Football betting markets are expanding each year. Not only are there more betting options for sides and totals, but the number of team and player props seems to rise each consecutive season. That’s even without counting all the extra wagers that are available for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Live Football Betting

Every football betting site has live betting options these days. Some are better than others, but no longer is the betting action over after placing a bet before the game starts or at halftime. Options for football live betting will depend on the sportsbook you use. Some football betting sites will only have the basics. An adjusted point spread and total that will change throughout the game based on the results of the game.

Football betting - 2019 official guide to betting on football online bet before the game

Others will have more options. These allow customers to bet on the outcome of each drive or play, and lots of in-game propositions. Live betting is also where oddsmakers will vary their opinion the most when it comes to odds. There are large differences in live betting or in-play odds compared to pre-match football betting markets. Live betting football or in-play markets are excellent for sports arbitrage.

Football Betting Apps

There are a lot of applications that can help bettors track betting markets. As well as, NFL advanced statistics that can help them evaluate teams and matchups. The best part is that most of these services are free.


Football betting – 2019 official guide to betting on football online
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